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Weirdos and Wonder: You Require Additional Weirdos! (4 Elves and a Mork)

Mork (Man Ork):

HD: 1d8, Reroll Might. AB: +1 with clubs and maces.

Saving Throws: Boon to saves involving physical strength

Man Ork origins are often muddled and confused. Some say they are the result of wizardly genetic tampering. Others say their origin lies in Ork plundering and rape. Other's claim Orkism is a mutation on a spectrum and some just end up with less of it. Regardless, Morks are often used as bouncers and bodyguards, noted for their ability to intimidate. The sad thing is that Morks really are good at making people scared. This does not at all help people look beneath the surface to see them for who they are.

Inner Beauty (Roll 1d6)
You are a skilled artist with a keen eye for beauty. (A sketchbook and pencils)You are a deeply sensitive soul with a great amount of empathy that you are forced to hide. (A diary you write in every day)You are a very well read bookworm, easily quoting great authors to humans who don't care. (1d4 precious works of fiction worth 5gp …

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