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Grot and Grime: Rules and Character Creation

In dark places deep beneath the earth where lie the rotting corpses of civilizations past... In the cursed city of Moldberg, moldering in time, twisted by fell things from beyond the stars... In the Gnarlwood, where trees wrinkle and gnarl with age, and bright yellow eyes flit between the bent bows... In the towers of long-dead wizards where demonic chittering is heard, unseen among yellowing tomes and jars of writhing things... In the depths of the sewers where bronze lion faces spout filth and the discarded wretches of humanity moan and wail... ...there is only GROT AND GRIME! Art Commissioned from Zeph Siebler Main Mechanic:  Roll high on a d20, adding an appropriate attribute as determined by your GM.  DC: 10 for easy checks. DC: 15 for middling checks. DC: 20 for very difficult tasks. The same is true for attacking enemies: DC: 10 for minor mooks, DC: 15 for trolls and larger enemies, DC: 20 for Dragons and Greater Villains. Character Creation:  Failed Career:  Gain a Random Backg

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