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[New Spell] Palm O' Plenty

Spell: Palm O' Plenty

Escha, the halfling bard, opened her hand, flinging forth a flood of caltrops into the sands behind the rapidly racing cart.  
The lizard-mens' mounts screeched, tumbling onto their backs, hurling their riders into the dunes.
Thora, the thunder cleric, glanced over, her eyes widening in surprise.
"Where in the world did you get all of those?!"
Escha grinned.
"What?  It was just three."

Palm O' Plenty (Bard/Wizard) 5e
Level 1
Range: 30ft
Components: S
To cast: One Action
Duration: 10 minutes.

The caster holds something in her hand that does not overflow more than 6 inches from her fingers.  This can be anything, living or nonliving, multiple or singular, so long as it can be held.  The caster throws the item/items, causing ten times the amount of that thing/things to appear within range. 
The caster makes a ranged spell attack to hit a target with these copies.
These copies last for the duration or until dispelled by the caster or a counte…

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