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INHUMAN Case File 01: The Midnight Forest

A tangle of tunnels spread out from Colony Alpha like roots. Many have been left abandoned or repurposed to foul ends. One struck upon a great cave deep below the surface. It is this place where Dr. Haon Kra planted the Midnight Forest.

The Zoo of Dr. Kra

Dr. Haon Kra was not satisfied with erasing diseases from the human genome. He was a genius in the field of genetics who had reached the limits of allowed knowledge. He fled to Mars with his Uplifted animal servants, having robbed the Great Genetic Database of New Geneva. He hid in the deep tunnels before finding this cave and making it his home. Natural thermal vents heated the space and made it perfect for him to build his Zoo.

There Dr. Kra resurrected long-dead species. Dinosaurs stomp the forest floor of the Midnight Forest. Gargantuan plants from the ages before mankind dig their roots into the soil. Hybrid abominations of Dr. Kra's own design run amok. He built his laboratory there and became stranger year after year, splic…

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