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The Feasting Hall

I am currently working on a megadungeon inspired by the works of Guillermo Del Torro, Darkest Dungeon, and Bloodbourne called Shadows Under Vargenhelm. In order to spice up individual runs, I created a Happenings and Occurrences table to roll on every time a party decides to delve into the Dark Below. This includes other rival adventuring parties that have made their way into the player's part of the dungeon, Slugmen Salesmen, and a wandering Fae Feasting Hall that will sometimes show up in empty rooms.

This last inclusion is what I wanted to share with you today because I think it could be slotted into a great deal many adventures and contains some of the thematic elements that I hope Shadows will be full of!

From Pan's Labyrinth
The Fae Feasting Hall There is a magical hall that leaps from place to place. A grand table, the magical artifact which allows the Hall to change positions, is made of living wood and takes up the center of the room. Roots emerge from its legs, growin…

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