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Being a Good Player

I have often found myself telling my players that, in spite of being games of chance, rpgs are things you can get better at.  Especially with regard to Old School games, there are certain skills which you can improve to be better at the game.  However, there is also an etiquette to play that is equally important.  Here are my rules for being a good player!

This is not your story: You are not the only person in this group and this is not your game.  Share the spotlight, loot, and do whatever you can to involve players that have fallen silent.  This includes not taking loot from fellow players and not killing fellow players unless they give you a really, REALLY good reason.

Be realistic: As crazy as you might think your character is, keep it within the bounds of reason.  Don't test your DMs.  They don't want to kill you more often than not, but you should not take advantage of their mercy to pull ridiculous stunts and expect no consequences.  DMs should not be afraid to kill you a…

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