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The Existential Horror of Non-Anthropocentric Morality in Fantasy Worlds

The new Diablo 4 cinematic had me looking into the lore of Diablo. I looked into it and it got me thinking about angels without God. This is a theme I have seen in much fantasy and fiction: Darksiders, Diablo, Good Omens, even Kill Six Billion Demons. God is always absent or dead or just never was. More interesting still, in so many of these worlds inspired by what is essentially Christian mythology, Christ is conspicuously absent. I am a Christian but I very much do view a lot of the mythos surrounding angels and demons to be mythology, both technically and in the sense that it was added to Christianity with fairly minimal textual support from Scripture and I thus view it as less than credible from a faith perspective.

From Kill Six Billion Demons
So a question that began to circle in my brain was: why remove Christ and God from these fantasy worlds which are so clearly inspired by Christianity?

For one thing, God's victory is assured and has already occurred in the Chrisitan vie…

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