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Into the Weird Blue Yonder: World Generation Tables

Into the Weird Blue Yonder, should it ever turn out to be a published product would have an established setting but be a toolkit for running games in a certain kind of setting. Here are some tables for generating a world based off of the themes stated int he first post of this series.

Hobbits Hide from the Ring Wraith - Ralph Bakshi
The Weird Powers are always at war. Chaos eats Chaos. Their machinations are mostly schemes against each other or even against others nominally of their own faction.

1d20 Weird Powers (Three powers seems like a good number but it depends on how large a scale you want for your game):
The Fae CourtsA Slumbering Elder God, Dreaming (Roll 1d4: 1) Beneath the Ice 2) Deep within the Earth 3) Under the Waves 4) In the Mirror)Chaos God of Beasts and the HuntThe Lich Ruler of an Ancient Human or Elf CivilizationA Crashed AlienChaos God of Lust and PleasureA Mad God of Clocks and MachinesA Neutral God of NatureA Powerful VampireThe Eld/Mindflayer OvermindA Chaos God o…

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