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Welcome Back to the Wastes!

I know I did an Introduction to the Wastes a long time ago.  A lot of things have changed since then.  I have recently started an online game with the Wastes and I think it deserves a little explanation.  This will also be useful to the players for remembering certain important ideas about the Wastes of the West.

This is Plu, the lovable geramoose! The Basics The Wastes of the West is a desert setting.  This desert exists as an in-between place for many worlds.  The sky changes colors, displaying different suns and moons and skies, as the whole world seems to pass through bits and pieces of other dimensions.  This is an unrelenting place where barbarism is the norm and there is no hope in sight for those wandering the ever-changing dunes.  Alien creatures from countless different worlds fall through the gaps in the fabric of space and time to find themselves permanently moved to this place.  Little that ever comes here leaves.  Player Character can have come to the setting from countle…

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