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O'er Windswept Golden Fields Play Report: Into the Crack in the Cemetery Wall

So I've run my second playtest of O'er Windswept Golden Fields. I considered doing a play report of the first one but now it's not fresh in my mind so oh well. These will also be important because these will serve as session summaries because I have started something of a West Marches style campaign with Golden Fields to limit my prep load. So I will be doing play reports of these games. I've done sort of a wilderness dungeon/point crawl thing for this and you will see how this works for a Golden Fields game. I would hope that this would be the adventure I package with the game should it ever become a thing I can sell to people.The Players: HDA playing Billy, a junkyard boy wearing a barrel and a cardboard box, and wielding a bb gun and Grandma's Blanket.7th playing Sally, an ethereal girl with a fatal illness, wearing a flower crown and wielding her Pocket New Testament.Alistair playing Mick, a lanky, self-conscious boy in a baseball uniform, wielding a Map of Hi…

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