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Literal Gods

 Gods are big sky jerks. That is what they seem to be and so that is what they are. In the land of Overtia everything is exactly what is seems to be.  Heaven is Up Gigas Divinitas is the species we have come to call gods. They are native to the celestial sea of Ouranos. It is known that there are other species in the Gigas genus, such as Gigas Titanicus, often called giants who are thought to be native our sphere and this sea, but are suspected to be losers in some ancient cosmic war. Basically, heaven is up. The gods live in the clouds and in the spheres of heaven. There are all kinds of minor gods who have made their homes in sky castles and golden sky yachts. Your average god is a large humanoid creature with varying numbers of limbs, heads, and secondary features. The gods are shapeshifters but rarely use this ability to take on any shape but one that distinguishes them from other gods. Why would they want to appear like any kind of inferior creature anyway?  For one of the endemic

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