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Terra Occulta: Magic Rediscovered

Magic is back! At least that is what you are determined to prove. You and other like-minded individuals have taken it upon yourselves to revive English Magic and to bring back to the forefront, the arts of practical wizardry which have for so long laid dormant. This will require experimentation, scholarship, and a determination to see the world in new and exciting ways. This is a daunting task and many hurdles lie in your way, but you have a powerful tool in your arsenal, a tool for any explorer worth his salt: a map. This is a strange map because it does not map the geography of any land (as far as you know) but rather it is a map of the Terra Occulta, the hidden landscape of magical knowledge, the secret telemetry of arcane lore. It is a magical item, in and of itself, a massive parchment when unrolled that appears mostly blank. When supplied the blood of the prospective students, the map begins to draw itself to reveal the current status of the practitioner's magical journey. Di

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