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Low Road Session 1 Play Report

I had my first session of Low Road recently! I had fun running but I am new to Lamentations and messed some things up, and even messed up my own prepared material. I was feeling awkward and flustered with the system and travel, but my players seemed to enjoy it.
There is still time to join in if there is interest! In the Eldwood, events can transpire like a dream. You might awaken with close friends who you have never met before or strangers might come out of nowhere and immediately become trusted companions. When you cannot trust your eyes because of Wyld Elf trickery, the strangeness of the world is accepted and endured with a grim resolve.
I'm going to be doing reports of this game as an ongoing series to get everyone caught up each time after a session. We didn't get to do too much just because we had to make characters and the players decided to do some downtime actions.

So this time Ellisar (Elf played by Zelda), Alora (Fighter played by 7th), Johannes (Thief played by O…

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