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I Did a YouTube! Dungeon Preacher is Born!

 Check out my first video on Three Ingredients for Fantastic D&D!  Here is a rough transcript:   Greetings and welcome, my flock, to the church of the Dungeon Preacher! I am Michael, a small-town preacher who loves to play D&D and all kinds of role playing games, and the author of the blog Sheep and Sorcery! Today's sermon will be about 3 key ingredients for a fantastic D&D experience! #1 Choice This is the ingredient which covers over a multitude of sins, and I mean that. Even profoundly mundane settings and scenarios can become fun if only the players’ choices are respected!  Some might put “a good story” up front here, but that is definitely not number one to me. This is language we often use to discuss what Game Masters are preparing when we talk about preparing a campaign, but to me, you don’t start with a story. Game Masters prepare a world and scenarios and then it is the players that come and make the story. It is their actions, their choices, which make the sto

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