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The Life Cycle of a Fighter

I thought I might share my musings on the average and not so average ways that the different classes might make their way through life, beginning with the Fighter.

By ma-ko

Baby fighters are usually chunkier, exiting the womb with much force and immediate powerful crying. The infant fighter will usually find something to swing around as if it were a weapon almost immediately. Even as young children, they delight in nothing more than knocking over objects, throwing food, and wrestling small animals. Their first words are always less words and more battle-cries. They are often slower to speak and formulate thoughts beyond incoherent violence, and even then incoherent violence is their base state.


Most child fighters are the bullies on the playground, using their superior muscle to take wizard children's lunches and candies. Fighter children will often delight in finding good sticks for pretend swordfights and engage in endless battles with other children who will als…

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