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A Sad Toy Maker and the Misbegotten Kingdoms

It started when he bought the table. Dirk Braunstein found the table in a curio shop. The shopkeep said it once belonged to a wizard. The table had its legs fashioned like talons with scaley legs leading up to a dragon breathing curling flames, acting as the edge of the table. It was made of beautiful ancient oak, obviously carved and preserved by a master.

It was also a big table, large enough for many to eat around. A large family could sit around this table. Dirk and Lisa had one beautiful child and Drik thought it might be time to try for another. He bought the table.

He carted the table home himself, grinning all the way. His mustache curled in delight beneath his potato of a nose. He eagerly urged on his little donkey as his cart clattered down the cobbled street.

His smile shattered as his wife took one look at the table and let out a sigh of disgust.

"Why in the world did you buy that, Dirk? Our table seats enough."

It was then that Dirk began to suspect that his wif…

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