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Brain Dump: Ideas for Games and Thoughts on Ongoing Projects

Ideas for Games:

Bad Road

An Americana themed Bloodbourne inspired game where players play Hobos instead of Hunters where Hobos are all secretly apart of an organization of people dedicated to facing the evils that hide on the margins of society. The Hobos would brave a dark and treacherous post-civil war Louisiana swamp full of alligator men, Cthulhu worshipping rednecks, and the vampires that escaped Abraham Lincoln's ax during the war.

Beans = Bloodvials

Hobo Trick Weapons:

Spiked Bindle Stick: From the Scorched Workshop of Cantankerous Willy, these bindle sticks hold a lot more than clothes and tobacco. With a flick of the wrist, the sack enlarged and spikes emerge, turning the stick into a formidable weapon. Through the strange nonlogic of the workshop, all the contents of the bindle remain unharmed and the spikes utterly nonexistent until needed.

From "Rock Candy Mountain" by Kyle Starks and Chris Schweitzer
The Beast Fishing Rod: "Come with me and I will make y…

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