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GM Advice: Looking for Trouble

 Whether they know it or not, your players are always looking for trouble. In Munchkin, when you kick down the door, meaning you draw from one of the decks it means that you either find a monster you have to fight or you suffer a curse or you find an item. If you don't get a monster, you can go looking for trouble, meaning you put down your own monster to fight it, because that is what the game is about. You want to fight monsters to gain experience to win the game! Rpgs are about looking for trouble and players are constantly doing it. They never think there is nothing on the other side of the door. If they kick down a door, they expect there to be something interesting behind it and if there is nothing immediately apparent, they go looking for it. They go looking for trouble. For instance, you as a GM may have come across this problem. You describe a door. You don't really have anything planned about this door, you just thought it would be a neat door and set the tone of this

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