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Feast of the Forgetful Dead {Drag and Drop Dungeon Room]

Anywhere a tragedy has occurred, leaving death in its wake, there are shades who linger there. Their trauma is still too terrible to face so they accept blissful forgetfulness, reenacting a time of joy from their lives.

Light, music, and laughter emerge from a room ahead: strange indeed here in this otherwise dead place. Within whatever denizens of this dungeon before whatever disaster left it bare carouse and feast around a great banquet table. Musicians play in a corner. A rousing song might be taken up by the partiers. People dance on the table and all is bright with merriment. The banquet table is full of wonderful food, the room is brightly lit and well decorated and cleaned. So long as the PCs maintain some kind of facade, the feasters are very welcoming and polite and will offer them food and to stay a while and celebrate with them.The room is under an illusion, created by the ghosts. Its true state is that of a decayed and dilapidated hall with a table covered in ancient rotted…

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