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Weirdways Universal System

Weirdways Universal is an FKRish rule set aimed at freedom through simplicity. It relies less on precise rules and rather on rulings based on shared perceptions and interpretations of the fiction. I have found it super easy to run and use with many diverse scenarios. Use and change it as you will. Aspects: Aspects are elements of your character that show what you are good at and what you can do. They are given to your in character creation and you can gain more as you advance. Characters typically start with 3 Aspects based on the Set. Sets are the ruleset and setting you are using, here are some Sets that I created earlier: Weirdways ,  Electric Samsara ,  and  Sailors on a Psychic Sea . Main mechanic: Roll 2d6, adding a modifier between -2 and +3 as determined by your GM based on your Aspects. Snake eyes (Double 1s) are always a failure and something bad happens.  6 or less: Failure and something bad happens. 7-9: You succeed but at some cost or must make a hard choice. 10+: You succ

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