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Moon Born (From the Great Draft Exchange!)

I adopted this draft from Jones S of Was it Likely? in Dan D's  Great Draft Exchange! It is still going if you are interested here.

Moonlight is a wondrous substance. In the towers of the Elven Witch Weavers, they raise up vast lenses to collect it on great silver spools for use in weaving together cloaks of invisibility. The Dwarven Gem Crafter Guild bathe their white diamonds and sapphires in moonlight, trapping it's dreamy splendor within.

Amongst humanity, the devices for capturing moonlight have mostly been forgotten or left undiscovered, but in the deep shadows between the hills, in the hidden crevices of the mountains, in those sacred caverns where the lunar glow trickles into a great pond like water from a spring, there they find it. It is well known amongst wise women what this liquid moonlight is used for. They know how it might smooth wrinkles and change faces. They know how it might give beauty or ugliness.  Amongst the Matriarchs of the Faceless Sisters, in their …

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