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Against RP Snobbery or On the Merits of the Murderhobo

If you dive into the world of D&D Greentexts or Reddit Threads mostly about DMs or other players complaining about players who "don't take the game seriously." One of the most egregious examples of this was a story I heard that I wish I could link you to but I cannot remember where I saw it.

The gist of the story is thus: OP usually plays at one of the DM's tables for an Adventurer's League game but his table is full this particular evening. As at many stores, they have multiple tables running and one of them was the "noob table" where the newer players usually played so they could learn the rules. OP sat at this table and the DM said she had been DMing for many years. The rest of the table was relatively to completely new to the game.

The game begins and the DM doesn't really seem to be playing by the rules. From the OP's perspective, it really seemed like the DM didn't really know the rules. To be fair, the DM did seem to genuinely be …

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