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1d20 Weapons of Maelstrom

 Much knowledge has been lost. Some new things have been discovered. Much has been madly cobbled together. In the Eye of Maelstrom , human beings have to work with what's at hand.  1d20 Weapons Electro-Probe Mace: A great bulbous metal sphere, sometimes with spikes on the end of a wire-wrapped rod. It holds an electric charge and so can be a fearsome melee weapon, but its primary use is to help in containing electric surges in engine rooms. Power streams that begin struggling free of their containment fields can be redirected as the probe absorbs excess energy. Thus the probe can also help defend from electrical weaponry. Shielding Cutlass: Much like Excalibur of yore, the scabbard of this blade is the greater treasure, although the two work in tandem. The scabbard generates a kinetic field while the blade is drawn, using the kinetic energy of the blade in motion to power the field. The field generated protects the wielder from high-speed projectiles allowing only the slow blade or

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