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A Fistful of Ideas: Day/Night Alignment, Magic Items as Class, and more!

Coming off of a high of a long streak of nearly daily blogging, I realize that I have a great many projects which need my attention (books to read, books to write, games to prep). Blogging may be slightly less frequent due to all this backlog but I will endeavor to keep on posting several times a week.

On to the ideas!

Day and Night Alignment

An alignment system but instead of Law and Chaos it is Day and Night. Why would you do this? I don't really know but it feels like the edge of something. Day folk stride about in the sun, building and growing in the light of day, preferring the open fields and the hilltops and shying well away from the darkness of the woods and the deep places. These are where the Night folk live, the faerie people, fair and monstrous alike. In the Night, the boundary between this reality and others is less certain. Dreaming and waking become less easy to differentiate. Form is less certain and change is constant.

This is definitely coming to me from my time r…

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