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Play Report: A Crack in the Cemetery Wall Part 2

 Upon the group's next delve into the Crack in the Cemetary Wall , they proceeded down the northern path towards the sight of ravens taking flight. They came upon a vaguely feminine creature in rags with a too round face, pointed nose, and crinkling paper-like skin. She squatted next to a well until she finally noticed the party approaching. She stood and cast down a bucket on a rope, trying weakly to seem as though she had been fishing forever. Ravens crowd the trees about her. “Oh, children! How wonderful I haven’t seen children around for ages!” Her voice drips with insincerity. Her lips and skin crinkle as she speaks like dry paper.“I am having such terrible trouble, darlings, and I do hate the damp. Would you please aid a poor old woman like myself? I have lost a pair of spectacles at the bottom of the well, clumsy me! I cannot get down there, but if I could lower one of you down on my rope, perhaps you could retrieve my glasses for me? I can reward you. I have candy! Or perha

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