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Arcanonauts! Design Principles and an Example Planet

I have made no secret that my main inspiration for this game is the Outer Wilds, and honestly, if you go play that game, you probably have a pretty good idea of what my design principles are for Arcanonauts.
That being said, I wanted to give you some idea here as to what those principles/aesthetics are here. The following will contain some light spoilers for Outer Wilds. Once we get to the big spoilers, I will tell you. If you have not played this game, I heavily encourage you to do so and do it as blind as possible. It is a marvelous mystery ride that is totally ruined if much of anything is revealed to you about it. That being said, I think you are ok to go forward until we reach our heavy spoilers. I've actually not 100% finished the game but I am enthralled by it so no spoilers for me either in the comments! 
Principles: Playful Science: I would say that Arcanonouats! like Outer Wilds will play with science without being shackled to realism. The Outer Wilds did this marvelous thi…

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