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Worldbuilding for my Daughter: Onwards to Dreamland!

 I've accidentally started a new world building project. I started babbling about where my daughter could visit in Dreamland while putting her down for a nap. I wanted to share this with you in as unvarnished a way as possible as I have for people on Max's Discord from Weird and Wonderful Worlds . This then is a somewhat disorganized stream of conscience with a few additions. I have included questions and ideas from Kyana of Noise Sans Signal  and Max since they added in a lot. (I did fix up the story a lot.) By David Hong One idea was people living on boat houses their whole lives sailing up and down a great river. When they get married they lash their boats together until you have raft mansions going up and down the stream carrying Love Fruit down to the Thousand Islands in time for spring Kyana: Who lives on The Thousand Islands? The Thousand Islands are connected by the branches of a giant tree, the Sky Tree. The Islanders don't touch the water if they can avoid it due

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