For We Shall be as Angels

 By Zdzislaw Beksinski

For we shall be as angels to those that come after us.

Once God has tired of His starry crown's defilement,

And enroyaled another creature, 

We shall be as angels.

They will walk along the streets that are fearfully and wonderfully made

See the great ruins that are fearfully and wonderfully made

Hold in their hands strange tools which are fearfully and wonderfully made

And they shall say, "Angels made these!"

They will be wrong.

For the streets they walk are angels.

For the mistakenly dead ruins are angels.

The tools that they will use to build their civilizations are angels.

And the silent screaming which goes unheard by them is the choir song of the angels.


  1. The art pairs very well with the poem - liked it when I first read it on the server but it has grown on me further since then. Thought about it when passing an old farmhouse today. Is this ruinewal?

    Good poem, fam.

    1. My thanks! I think you've interpreted an optimism in this which is lost on me, which is valid! To me this is about the end result of scientific materialism resulting in people not just being treated like expendable objects but becoming them in a bid to achieve an ascension "like angels" we are instead reduced to the agonizing non-existence of the technological paradigm, made meat machines absent the spark of divinity. Then our easy replacement is another dystopian vision of a totally failed human creature which is itself expendable and unimportant in eternity.

  2. More Biblical inspired setting, yes.


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