[New Spell] Palm O' Plenty

Spell: Palm O' Plenty

Escha, the halfling bard, opened her hand, flinging forth a flood of caltrops into the sands behind the rapidly racing cart.  

The lizard-mens' mounts screeched, tumbling onto their backs, hurling their riders into the dunes.

Thora, the thunder cleric, glanced over, her eyes widening in surprise.

"Where in the world did you get all of those?!"

Escha grinned.

"What?  It was just three."

Palm O' Plenty (Bard/Wizard) 5e

Level 1

Range: 30ft

Components: S

To cast: One Action

Duration: 10 minutes.

The caster holds something in her hand that does not overflow more than 6 inches from her fingers.  This can be anything, living or nonliving, multiple or singular, so long as it can be held.  The caster throws the item/items, causing ten times the amount of that thing/things to appear within range. 

The caster makes a ranged spell attack to hit a target with these copies.

These copies last for the duration or until dispelled by the caster or a counterspell.  Copies of magical items do not retain the original's magical qualities.  Food eaten is filling for the duration, but is ultimately not nourishing nor satisfying.

Using higher spell lots to cast this spell cause copies ten times the spell slot's level to appear.  Using a second level spell slot multiplies the original item by 20, for instance.


I wanted to do an Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets style post.  Here is a link to him.  If you like this format, this is all his: https://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/ I was sitting at a table with some friends.  We joked about a spell called Napkin Explosion, like normal adults, then I thought: "That's not a bad idea... but we can make it better."  Thus, this spell was born.  
I have never liked the idea of spell components, but I have always liked the idea of a Wizard using specific objects to make magic happen.  The 5e components are things I roundly dismissed, but if spells changed depending on what the caster used to cast it, that would create a whole new way for wizards to interact with the fiction of the game.  
You could cap the number of copies at 10 and let it be a cantrip, but I thought this might be too powerful.  Vials of acid come to mind as a problematic item for this as a cantrip.  
Certain magical items could also become vastly more interesting.  A Hive of Wasps Held in Magical Stasis could become a huge swarm of wasps, due to the fact that the copies of the item are not magical.  A villain looking for a magic ring might be forced to look through a whole pile of identical rings.


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