1d20 Magical Weapon Accessories: Scabbards, Quivers, Dueling Gloves, ect...

1d20 Magical Weapon Accessories:

These are meant to be supplementary magical items. They can aid weapons, magical or nonmagical. This way players don't have to choose between different magical weapons to get new magical abilities. Unless stated otherwise, all of these items could fit any weapon of their category: swords, daggers, ect.

1: The Dancing Scabbard

This scabbard of azure-dyed leather and steel has a disturbingly real human eye near its opening with ancient runes scrawled beneath it like tears. The scabbard is inhabited by the spirit of Sir Englemoore of Brightbane, a truly honorable and chivalrous knight who refused to pass onto heaven before he had fulfilled his oath to restore the Exile Princess Armorea to her throne. 
  • The scabbard is intelligent. It is a Lawful entity, partial to wielders that live with honor. The scabbard had Loyalty beginning at 0. It gains +1 Loyalty if the wielder is Lawful. +1 if the wielder makes a difficult promise or oath and follows through. +1 if the wielder offers a rash boon. -1 if the wielder is Chaotic. -1 if the wielder breaks a promise. -3 if the wielder kills a bested foe who has asked for mercy. +10 if the wielder ever helps the scabbard fulfill its oath. After a wielder has successfully helped the scabbard fulfill its oath, the scabbard will continue to serve the wielder for their lifetime and vanish upon their death.
  • Any nonmagical blade held within this sheath becomes a +1 weapon so long as the sheaf remains at your side and you have positive Loyalty. You lose this bonus if the scabbard is fighting for you.
  • If you have positive Loyalty, the scabbard will return to you with its blade when called.
  • If you have positive Loyalty, the sheath will fight for you, dancing around you to aid in combat as if held by an invisible fighter. Each round of combat you may command it to make one of the following actions: Parry: The scabbard gives the wielder +1d6+1 AC against a single melee attack. Strike: the scabbard strikes out at an enemy within 5' with a +1 to the roll, dealing 1d4+1 damage.
2: Fowl Quiver of Holding

A leather quiver with an exterior design like a very distressed chicken.
  • The quiver never runs out of arrows (mostly). These vanish after an hour of existence.
  • On a Critically Failed shot, the Quiver provides novelty rubber chickens for the rest of the day. These vanish after an hour of existence
3: Dueling Glove of Saint Dickard the Swaggering

This holy artifact belonged to the Saint of Duelists and Bravoes. In his youth, he wandered the canals of his home city, indiscriminately picking fights with other rowdy youths, trouncing them every time. He gave up his life of violence when he entered the clergy, but he found a few times to use his skills for the church and a few more times because he was right miffed.
  • If you take off this glove and strike someone with it, they must Save vs Device or be compelled to duel you one on one unless they are interfered with by someone else.
  • While wearing this glove, you gain a +2 to all attack rolls with a one-handed blade so long as you are only holding a buckler or poignard or nothing in your off-hand.
  • Once per round, while wielding a one-handed blade, you can riposte, making a free attack out of initiative dealing 1d6 against an enemy that has made a melee attack against you.
  • You must make a Save vs Device any time someone insults you or you must challenge them to a duel.
4: Pommel Grenade of the Grim Skall

Esoteric fighting manuals call for throwing pommels to "end him rightly." These instructions make much less sense without the proper hardware. 
  • This pommel must be screwed into a blade to be primed. After this, the next time the pommel is unscrewed, taking 1d6 rounds, it may be thrown as 30ft, exploding and dealing 3d6+1 damage to all creatures within 10ft of the target location, Save vs Device halves.
5: Repairing Scabbard of Holding

This black leather scabbard has a spinning display around its rim. As swords are added to its collection small black representations of each blade adorns its segments.
  • This scabbard can contain any number of blades and present them on demand. 
  • The scabbard is truly a portal to a pocket dimension inhabited by enterprising gnomish artificers. They will instantly repair any blade held within for triple the usual price.
6: Full-Service Vending Scabbard

This scabbard is absolutely covered in shifting ads like a newspaper from Harry Potter. It also has a shiny brass coin slot near its rim.
  • This scabbard will sell its wielder any mundane bladed weapon, instantly having the desired item appearing within for double the usual price. It will also provide the following services for a blade carried within:
  • Elemental Charge: The held blade deals 1d6 additional damage or a particular elemental damage type of the wielder's choice. (Fire, Cold, Lightning, ect.) Lasts for 1 Turn. Costs 25gp.
  • Bless: The blade gains +2 to hit and damage against unholy creatures. Lasts for 1 Turn. Costs 25gp.
  • Recovery: A lost or thrown blade immediately reappears in this scabbard. Costs 5gp.
  • Poison: A blade held within is coated with a light position. Damaged enemies must Save vs Poison or take an additional 2d6 damage. Lasts for 1 strike. Costs 100gp.
7. The Shining Rag of Aggressive Cleanliness

A simple but immaculately clean white cloth for cleaning weapons. It is so clean that objects held near it become more clean overtime.
  • A single weapon cleaned by this rag once after every battle, gain +1 to hit from their supreme cleanliness.
  • This weapon also deals 1d6 additional damage against all excessively dirty enemies: slimes, oozes, goblins, fleshy undead, mud golems, ect.
8. The Hive Scabbard

Golden interlocking hexagons cover the outside of this sheath.
  • Once per day when you draw your sword, it will come out covered in honey. This honey is not nourishing and will vanish after a day if it hasn't already been used.
  • Bees will not attack the wearer.
9. The Studious Scabbard

This scabbard has a quill attached to it by a ribbon and a coil or parchment about its middle which seems to have neither beginning nor end.
  • Blades are usually meant to be cleaned before entering the scabbard, but for every creature's blood on a blade that enters into this scabbard, the scabbard remembers the creature and can produce exhaustive scholarly information about the creature by writing on its own surface.
10. The Thirsty Scabbard

A black leather scabbard with blood-red designs running in geometric lines from the lip of the scabbard to its point.
  • If a blade kills a creature, then enters this scabbard with its lifeblood, the scabbard repairs the blade, and for the rest of the day, the blade is granted +2 to attacks against that particular species.
  • The wielder can also smell the blood of any creature under the effect of the scabbard.
  • The wielder can only do this with one species per day.
11. Bow Charm of the Lonely Messenger

An amulet in the shape of a silver ring with different strands of human hair coming off of it.
  • Say the name of a friend or loved one as you tie their hair from the amulet to your bow and recall a cherished memory of them. Whenever you desire, you may fire an arrow and it will always land near them somewhere they can see, no matter how far the distance. You can tie notes, keepsakes, flowers, ect to your arrow and they shall all arrive safely to the loved one.
12. The Invisible Sheath

A sliver lined dagger sheath with a circular sapphire like an eye in its center.
  • With a dagger in this sheath, the sheath and dagger both become undetectable. It cannot be seen or felt by any mundane means except by the wearer.
13. The Falcon Lord's Quiver

An ivory quiver lined with falcon feathers and adorned with a falcon skull.
  • Falcons retrieve all arrows taken from this quiver after an hour and return them to the quiver.
  • Once per day, the wielder can decide that a creature damaged by an arrow from this quiver be tracked by falcons. They will circle above the injured creature so that they can easily be seen from a long way off.
14. Charm of the Drowned Soldier

A locket containing a ruined picture of a beautiful young woman. Barnacles cover its outside and a severed violet tentacle clings to it. 

  • Tying this to a weapon causes creatures injured by the weapon to sink like a stone in water regardless of their natural buoyancy.
15. Dimensional Pocket Scabbard

A sheath made from an unearthly material. Blue veins cross over a smooth purple surface. A soft violet light undulates within like the beating of a heart.
  • A blade in this sheath can be stored in a pocket dimension at will.
  • At any time the wielder likes, the sword can appear, sheathed or unsheathed in their hand given enough room.
16. Morphing Scabbard

This crimson leather sheath is lined down its middle with golden geometric runes
  • This sheath morphs to accommodate any bladed weapon from axes to swords to daggers.
  • Any weapon in this sheath can morph into a different bladed weapon. Swords can become daggers or axes and vice versa.
17. Silvering Quiver/Scabbard

This quiver/scabbard is made of white leather with a silver wave design.
  • All weapons/arrows held within act as if they were silvered regardless of their true material.
18. The Hungry Scabbard

This red-flesh scabbard is dotted with eyes and its edge is lined with teeth. It whispers insistent demands for blood.
  • For each creature, you get the killing blow on with a weapon held in this scabbard, it groans with satisfaction.
  • After 20 kills, the demon held within will emerge. It is a 6HD Demon that cannot be harmed by nonmagical weapons, that deals 1d12+1 damage with its claws. It will fight for you for 1d4 hours and vanish into the pit.
19. The Holy Pommel of Saint Cuthbert.

A golden pommel adorned with the image of the saint.
  • Allows the wielder of the weapon to present the pommel as a holy symbol and use Turn Undead as a Cleric of 10th level. Each time this ability is used, it can only be recharged by a truly noble and difficult deed or a charitable gift of 100 x the number of times this ability has been used gp.
20. The Cocoon Sheath

This sheath looks like it was made out of strands of milky white silk.
  • Blades kept in this sheath will one day destroy the scabbard, transforming into improved versions of themselves. (As per GM discretion)
  • The sheath siphons 10% of all XP gained in a session until it reaches 1,500 XP, at which time the blade metamorphoses.


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