1d20 Weapons of Maelstrom

 Much knowledge has been lost. Some new things have been discovered. Much has been madly cobbled together. In the Eye of Maelstrom, human beings have to work with what's at hand. 

1d20 Weapons

  1. Electro-Probe Mace: A great bulbous metal sphere, sometimes with spikes on the end of a wire-wrapped rod. It holds an electric charge and so can be a fearsome melee weapon, but its primary use is to help in containing electric surges in engine rooms. Power streams that begin struggling free of their containment fields can be redirected as the probe absorbs excess energy. Thus the probe can also help defend from electrical weaponry.
  2. Shielding Cutlass: Much like Excalibur of yore, the scabbard of this blade is the greater treasure, although the two work in tandem. The scabbard generates a kinetic field while the blade is drawn, using the kinetic energy of the blade in motion to power the field. The field generated protects the wielder from high-speed projectiles allowing only the slow blade or energy weapons to pass. Such weapons are things of antiquity and are often passed down from captain to captain or from wealthy father to son. The Watchers are wary of such weapons as they come from when the Eye was ruled over by a Queen. Royalist rebels are still said to exist, ancient nobles preserved through arcane means intent on reestablishing their regime.
  3. Lightning Rifle: Long spikes of metal clustered together on the end of a wooden stock or held like a spear. Usually recharged via vigorous cranking. Powerful if inefficient and slow to reload, these weapons are common among the soldiers of the Eye or the grizzled defenders of ground colonies. These are extremely basic devices built to last and easily usable in melee. It is a survivor's choice weapon.
  4. Gutty Launcher: Half battered mechanical casing, half slathering living maw. These genesculpted weapons are common among the Splice Creatures created to guard the Bioarchivist's Grand Gene Archive and various laboratories. They consume biomass and spit out high-velocity tumors full of calcium shrapnel which explosively burst open on impact.
  5. Solar Rosilier: Botanotech weapons like golden blunderbusses ending in a sparkling metal rose. Often designed with coiling vines and floral designs and often sprouting actual leaves and thorns, these powerful weapons fire a beam of concentrated solar power, drawing their power from Solar Cells which often offer three shots. These are devastating beam weapons usually only available to the great families of the Bright Orchards.
  6. Spirit Gaol: A lantern-like box with bound ghosts within. Using ectoplasmic energy carried around on the bent backs of Necromechanists, these devices can project spirits to possess their foes, influencing their minds. This usually has quite an unpredictable effect: Roll 1d6 for the kind of spirit for each target: 1) Wrathful, 2) Timid, 3) Obedient, 4) Raving mad, 5) Despairing, 6) Joyful.
  7. Grappling Tendril: Often attached to the arm or back, these are living biosculpted tendrils that follow the user's commands. These are long sticky and capable of grappling foes, surfaces, and items alike. Bioarchivists favor these ultra-tactile limbs for their own use and any crewman left unconscious on their surgical table may wake with one whimsically attached to them.
  8. Technodemon Claw: Out in the darklands, among the wastes of the old world lurk beasts of living metal, creatures so completely fused between machine and organism that flesh and metal have ceased to have any meaning. Their limbs usually continue to live after being removed but the strong will of a technocorrupted Dark Dweller or any kind of person who has been sufficiently augmented by a machine intelligence or any Awakened cultist can make these deadly and ultra-malleable weapons of living metal obey them. Seer Clerics will almost always try to destroy these weapons.
  9. Devourer Swarm: Technodemon innards tied into knots to eject swarms of nanomachines. They hideously alter and rearrange anything they touch, spiny metal bones, tumors of plastic, bloodspills of oil, erupt into being usually with devastating consequences. Only the mad scavenger barbarians of the Dark Dwellers would dare to wield such utterly devastating and chaotic weaponry.
  10. Spike Launcher: Basically a crossbow although most of these are pneumatic in nature. Usually, come with a grappling tether. Storm sailors and Sky Devil Hunters use these very frequently. They can cause little damage to their ships' internal mechanisms and can save a skillful sailor from a deadly fall. Dark Dwellers use combustive variants.
  11. Ghostlock Pistol: Small spirit cells can hold powerfully compressed ectoplasm. Upon release, the explosive phantasmal energies rip through all souls in a close spray. Commonly used by storm sailors, Necromechanists, Watchers, and Engine Rats. These weapons can cause no harm to any machine while being devastating to people. 
  12. Crank Gun: Primitive miniguns firing spherical bullets at a rapid rate. Often built into the arms of Iron Tombed or fired from ships or Dark Dweller land-crawlers.
  13. Flame Belcher: Pyroclastic biosculpted bellows, pumping burning fluid through intestinal vales and expressed through blasting sphincters. Once again, this kind of device usually leaves machines alone while being quite devastating to organic matter. Watchers order these from the Bioarchivists to purge rebels personally or attach them to Iron Tombed.
  14. Wraith Ripper: Destructive poltergeists squeezed into a tube, launching forth like a mortar. These things rip apart things they touch, raging through machines, tearing open paneling, disrupting electronics. Mostly single use. Useful for ship combat. They are highly forbidden aboard the Eye and Watchers will imprison or kill anyone found with one.
  15. Slug Launcher: Launches actual slugs. The slug mother is oozily squeezed into the back of the weapon. Target find themselves covered in fat sticky slugs that inhibit movement and break bones upon impact.
  16. Just an Ordinary Bible: Secretly conceals crucifixes that fold out into throwing stars. These have been ontologically forged by the Seer Church to heavily damage and disrupt Machine Intelligences, Technodemons, and Mutants. Seer Priests on secret missions for the Church will carry these with them.
  17. Bric-a-brac Blunderbuss: Another weapon common to ground colonists and Dark Dwellers for its sturdiness and its lack of specifically designed ammunition. You can shove any old thing into the Blunderbuss and it will fire. For the surface where bits of technological bric-a-brac are common, this makes reloading this weapon especially easy.
  18. Rift Projector: Crafted by the Nimbus Scholars, this small handheld device can create rifts in space, like a portal gun or Dimension Door. There is a 1 in 20 chance that any portal opened by this device leads to another dimension altogether. 
  19. Command Gauntlet: A device from the old world, wielded by a select few. It is said that a few exist among the remnant Royalist nobles, perhaps even belonging to the Queen, rumored to still live, preserved by old-world technology. A few are held by the most powerful agents of the Watchers. One is said to belong to the secretive hierophant of the Awakened. For the inexperienced, this device grants powerful telekinetic powers. For those that have plumbed the depths of its abilities, this gauntlet allows you to reshape reality itself. It is said that all these devices only truly serve one master, the God in the Dark, served by the Awakened. Seer priests will bring these devices back to the church vaults at any cost.
  20. Prayer Beads: The secret agents of the Seer Church carry these ontologically forged weapons. They can extend to surprising lengths, the cross at their end is brutally sharp. The beads can become sharp on command and are nearly unbreakable. Merely touching these beads is enough to burn technodemons, vampire mutants, and Machine Intelligences.


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