News from the Graylands: 1

The Phaidecian Court of Coins has proven unshakable in the face of Human (But Only Human) Rights Activists' claims that the number of disappearances of the poor in the Dust district has shot up.  The Gold Courtiers responded by waving their appendages in a dismissive manner while the Silver Courtiers continued to snore loudly.  The single Copper Courtier sighed, hanging his head and wept silently.

Noise complaints have been issued from the people of Redrum village over the ongoing ritual happening at the site of where the bizarre monastery used to be.  These complaints were delivered in the usual Redrumian way, with a dagger pinning the note to the door .  The village priest awoke the next day to find a veritable museum of knives, daggers, and even a harpoon stuck into his door, all pinning the request, "Make it stop!"  The noise in question comes from the cabal of black hooded mages hired by the Halfling Mafia.  Their horrible, nightmare inducing undulations have proceeded for three weeks straight now without any signs of stopping.  More on this later.

Skeletal horses have been seen walking across the mist of the Saint's Blood Lake.  Farmer Jared reports having seen the horses galloping upon the waters when one stopped and looked at him with baleful scarlet eyes before walking over and eating from the apple the farmer held in his hand.  Despite the fact that the apple bits came raining down from its fleshless jaws, Farmer Jared believes he has made a friend.  This is quite a good thing because Jared is such a bothersome and boring person that nobody ever thought he would have a friend.  Observers have reported seeing him walk with the undead steed, discussing, the particulars of apple orchard tending.  What a boring man.

Goodnight and, as the elves say, "I hope Putin does not kill you."


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