The Knightly Orders of the Grand Tournament

So here is a little bit of an update on what is currently happening in the Graylands Campaign:

In an encounter with the powerful Fae Lady, Agatha Silkspinner, one of the PCs, a dwarf named Doc, made a bad deal.  He ended up having his soul taken from his body and replaced with one of her minion's.  Mr. Aphenaeus put a stop to the minion's dastardly ritual and sent the party to retrieve Doc's soul.  He sent them through an in-between dimension where there was much danger and adventure.  They made it through this weird realm and found themselves in Faerie.  They heard tell of a tournament that Agatha Silkspinner is hosting for the prize of a mortal soul. They made a deal with the Summer Lady to become here champion in the tournament.  In exchange, the PCs must steal the Silver Rose Key, an artifact of unknown power, and return it to the Summer Lady.

The PCs then went on to the tournament and met an unusual cast of characters.  Here are the factions and main characters at work in the Grand Tournament.

The Leisurely Knights of the Summer Days:  This odd group of Fae is more of a social club than anything else.  They are an order devoted to doing as little as possible and maintaining a disinterested malaise.  This group of morbidly obese knights is represented politically by their lowest ranking and skinniest member, Sylephus Aramb,  Their knight in the tournament is a silent knight that stands perfectly still in its armor bearing its lance and shield all the time.  Though the PCs have already tried their best to make it move, the knight seems immovable and its armor tightly buckled together.

The Lollipop Knights:  We represent the Lollipop Knights, the Lollipop Knights, the Lollipop Knights.  These gnomish lancers have been beaten year after year and they are looking to get a victory this year and have their little beady gnome eyes on our party.  You can't trust a Gnome.  Don't trust the Gnomes.

Mindseer Bilobax, representative of the Eld Overmind:  The Eld is a race made by Chris Kutalik.  Check out his blog: and his latest book, Misty Isles of the Eld:
Mindseer Bilobax is an Eld of my own invention.  The PCs met him in the in-between dimension.  He then fell off a platform and fell on a demon from the Hot Hell which he has now turned into his mount for the tournament.  The Eld are always hated at these events.  The rules of the event are that magical cheating is forbidden while mundane cheating is encouraged.  Technically, this allows the Eld to use their highly advanced biotechnology to become next to unbeatable.  The Eld also don't even need mortal souls.  They already get a lucrative amount of mortal souls in their realm of the Cold Hell.  This has made them completely hated in Fae social circles but, due to ancient blood pacts, they must allow a representative of the Overmind to compete.

The Frozen Blood Fangs:  This knightly order hails from the icy mountains on the border of Faerie, facing the Cold Hell.  They are a brutal bunch of drunken louts and probably the toughest, roughest warriors in all of Faerie.  They have no qualms with "accidentally" injuring opponents during the nightly feasts.  If the Eld can somehow be beaten, these guys are the next biggest threat.

The Harbingers of Rot:  This odd cabal of Fae revel in ugliness and aging while the rest of Fae kind clings to beauty and youth.  Little is really known about these beings other than rumors.  It is said that, upon entering their primordial forest, its corrosive forces begin to age the victim at an accelerated rate.  The knights then circle the prey, keeping it in the forest until its inevitable demise.

The Bogeyman:  The Bogeyman has become increasingly fascinated with mortals over the ages.  He is supposedly benevolent but no one really knows why.  People have guessed that he might be siphoning off fear from the mortals he helps.  Others suspect he has some grand scheme he is working on.  Some think he might just be a nice guy.  He is not in the tournament but he is observing and helping the party.

Agatha Silkspinner:  Mortal souls have become more and more rare amongst the Fae.  It is a grand prize for her tourney.  She intends to amuse herself and increase her social standing and political clout to try and take power from the Court of Summer, particularly the Summer Lady.

The party is set to face the Lollipop Knights in the first round.  We shall see if they are able to prevail.


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