An Idea for an Elf Ranger

The DCC Elf class is not what most of my players think of when they think of elves.  The DCC class, like older D&D, is an odd combination of magic-user and warrior, but in DCC, this combination really makes it entirely a magic-user.  The Warrior Class is so much better at fighting than the other classes that the Elf is just a slightly more robust wizard by comparison.  This is not what my players think of when they think of elves.  They immediately pick up a bow and try to be Legolas.  I could just tell them that the game doesn't work that way, but in my experience, defying players' expectations from popular media with such fundamental elements like the class and race they will be playing just leads to confusion and disappointment.  So I sketched up what I thought would be a good compromise between the DCC conception of Elves and the common view of them.  This would be an alternative that a player could choose when they roll up an Elf.  The other class would remain in use and unchanged.  Tell me what you think.!Avgowdv63eX9hwoBtLVXJk1nov0Z


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