The Horrible House of the Mad Doctor Area 2

Before we continue into the Mad Doctor's abhorrent abode, we ought to take a look at the enemies that the PCs will be facing as they traverse this terrifying trek.

These creatures do not have HP.  In order to reproduce their cartoonishness, I have replaced their HP with a table.  Every time they are hit, roll a d4 on their table to determine the result.  These creatures are quite resilient and this is purposeful.  The PCs ought to be running like Mickey Mouse is in the cartoon.

Skeleton: +3 Smack (1d6), +3 Choke (1d4/2d4/3d4), +1 Skull Throw (1d4+1), AC:11, HP:NA HD:1d4, Fort: +1, Ref: +1, Will: +1, Mvm: 30ft
HP Table:
1) The Skeleton tumbles apart to reform in 2d8 rounds.
2) The Skeleton's head is knocked off.  The Skeleton loses the ability to use Skull Throw and will spend next round trying to find its head, but it will forget about its head and continue its attack, otherwise unhindered.
3) The Skeleton loses its legs, meaning that it is Slowed.
4) The Skeleton's torso falls apart and its Skull falls on its pelvis.  It can no longer use any abilities but Nip: -1 (1d4).  If it should lose its head, it will spend 3 rounds finding its head.

Skeleton Spider: +3 8-Armed Smack (1d6+1), +3 Web Grab (Pulls the target onto the Spider's web.  The target is then trapped, unable to take any actions until he is freed by a PC with an Action.), +5 Skeleton Cage (The Spider jumps on top of the target becoming a cage around the target.  The Spider is immune to dmg from the inside.  The Spider will free the target if it is hit or if the target tickles its ribs.), AC:11, HP: NA, HD: 1d4, Fort: +2, Ref: +2, Will: +2, Mvm: 30ft
HP Table:
1) The Spider loses most of its bones, becoming a much smaller version of itself.  The Spider then runs away to rebuild itself in 2d8 rounds.
2) The Spider falls on its back and will spend the next 1d4 rounds trying to right itself, during which time it is defenseless.
3) The Spider loses its skull.  The Spider will spend a round trying to find its head before it will continue its attack unhindered.
4) The Spider loses its hands, losing the ability to use 8-Armed Smack.

Chicken: -1 Peck (1d4-1), AC: 12, HP: 3, HD: 1d4, Fort; -2, Ref: +2, Will: Same as Before, Mvm: 25ft

Area 2: Foreboding Foyer
If a PC was pulled into this room by the knocker, the first thing they will see an absurd amount of locks, resealing the tiny door you were thrust through to be thrown against the pillar.  The whole door will not open now, from the inside or out.  This will potentially leave a PC alone in this room and they may have just been beheaded.  This will be somewhat bewildering to the poor, lonely PC and this is fine.

The room is about 30 by 30.  It is somewhat different from the picture above but the idea is the same.  There is a column in the middle that a PC will be thrown against if they used the knocker.  Another column juts from the west wall.  A fireplace is on the north wall.

There are quite a few things in this room:

There is a cauldron of strange soup by the front door.  If a PC drinks it, they will be horribly sickened, they will take 1d6 temporary Stamina dmg.

A Skull on a string hangs above where the knives are or were on the central pillar in the room.  If a PC should try to closely examine it or touch it, the Skull will try to nip them.  If the PC fails a DC:10 Ref Save, they will take 1d4 dmg.

There is a hatchet (Handaxe) leaning on the wall by the other pillar in the room.

On the column to the west wall of the room, there are a saw and a cutlass (Short Sword).

A large bottle full of menacing, thick, black liquid sits next to the fireplace.  If a PC drinks this potion, they will be turned into a Chicken until a cure can be found.

A keg sits in the corner.  It is full of very sour, but safe to drink, ale.

A pot sits on the fireplace.  It has 2d6 copper pieces and 1d8 silver pieces.

There are 3 staircases in the room:

There is a staircase going up along the back wall that leads to 6A.

There is a staircase going down near the front door that leads to 3A.

There is a staircase going down near the central column that leads to 4D.

More will be coming very soon.  This is a project I have been wanting to finish for a while now and I have time now that Christmas break is here! Merry Christmas to you all and keep an eye out for the rest of this adventure.


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