Into the Weird Blue Yonder: World Generation Tables

Into the Weird Blue Yonder, should it ever turn out to be a published product would have an established setting but be a toolkit for running games in a certain kind of setting. Here are some tables for generating a world based off of the themes stated int he first post of this series.

Hobbits Hide from the Ring Wraith - Ralph Bakshi

The Weird Powers are always at war. Chaos eats Chaos. Their machinations are mostly schemes against each other or even against others nominally of their own faction.

1d20 Weird Powers (Three powers seems like a good number but it depends on how large a scale you want for your game):
  1. The Fae Courts
  2. A Slumbering Elder God, Dreaming (Roll 1d4: 1) Beneath the Ice 2) Deep within the Earth 3) Under the Waves 4) In the Mirror)
  3. Chaos God of Beasts and the Hunt
  4. The Lich Ruler of an Ancient Human or Elf Civilization
  5. A Crashed Alien
  6. Chaos God of Lust and Pleasure
  7. A Mad God of Clocks and Machines
  8. A Neutral God of Nature
  9. A Powerful Vampire
  10. The Eld/Mindflayer Overmind
  11. A Chaos God of Forbidden Knowledge
  12. An Insane Immortal Elf King
  13. The Worm, God of Deformity and Aberration 
  14. The Devil/An Archdevil
  15. The Fomorions
  16. A Chaos God of Rot and Disease
  17. An Ancient Mad Artificial Intelligence
  18. An Insane Fallen Angel of Record Keeping and Writing
  19. An Ascendant Wizard with Minions from Across the Multiverse
  20. The Nameless Ones, Silent Things from the Realm Beyond Death
Who serves them? (1d20. Each Weird Power ought to have a host of followers and monsters that obey them, here are some ideas. Each should be skinned to thematically fit the Power.)
  1. A Coven of Witches
  2. A Cabal of Necromancers
  3. A Race of Corrupted (Roll 1d3) 1) Humans, 2) Elves, 3) Dwarves
  4. Golems/Constructs/Robots
  5. Corporeal Undead
  6. Incorporeal Undead
  7. Demons/Extraplanar Creatures
  8. Intelligent Beasts
  9. Mutants
  10. A Cult of Zealots
  11. A Secret Aristocratic Society
  12. Villagers Serving in Secret
  13. Monstrous Beasts
  14. Beast Men (Roll 1d6) 1) Lizard Men, 2) Rat Men, 3) Bird Men, 4) Assorted Woodland Beast Men, 5) Insect Men, 6) Fish Men
  15. Vatgrown Abominations
  16. Orcs and/or Goblins
  17. Human Barbarians from a Distant Land
  18. An Order of Knights
  19. Remnants from an Ancient Civilization
  20. Trolls/Giants
What do they want? (1d8)
  1. Expand territory
  2. Reshape the world to fit their needs/desires
  3. Gain followers
  4. Destroy Law and Civilization
  5. Perform a Ritual
  6. Recover lost glory
  7. Destroy a Rival Power
  8. War with itself
Mundanity is always hiding something. It appears safe until the illusion is broken and new revelations make its stranger side known.

What is Civilization Hiding? (1d20):
  1. An Alliance with a Weird Power
  2. Their god/gods are not as benevolent as they seem
  3. A secret police organization quietly deals with any sign of Weird corruption
  4. They have actually been conquered and quarantined by a Weird Power for centuries
  5. They regularly sacrifice citizens in exchange for protection from a Weird Power
  6. There is an underworld of Weird beings and stuff hiding just below the surface
  7. The Weird is restricted from the common man but permitted for the elite
  8. A burgeoning renaissance is threatening to overturn the status quo and draw the attention of the Weird Powers
  9. The gods of Law are all dead or insane. It is shear faith that fuels the miracles of clerics.
  10. A new hope for humanity is rising, a spiritual revival, a revolution in magic or technology, an upheaval in politics towards freedom, but the powers that be are suppressing it.
The strange pasts of the various races have been concealed or forgotten. Venturing out into the Weird Blue Yonder, you will find secrets without... and within.

What Darkness follows the Human Race? (1d8)
  1. Their ancient history is stained by a civilization that was heavily based in vile magic. Their foul creations still haunt the land to this day.
  2. Humanity was noble and bright and stood firm against the darkness but they were defeated and their glory stripped from them. Humanities enemies now think that the race of men is beneath notice.
  3. Man's tampering with forbidden arts exposed the world to the Weird Powers.
  4. Mankind's entire history is covered in bloodshed and oppression. Its fall to the Weird Powers may have been deserved.
  5. Humanity served a Weird Power for a long time before escaping their grasp.
  6. Men created one of the Weird Powers and lost control.
  7. Men's technology and wars changed everything in a time far beyond remembrance. Now the world is broken and their descendants must deal with the terrible results.
  8. Humanity could rise again against the Weird Powers, but they are scattered and many of them sleep, waiting to be wakened to build a new world from the ashes of the old.
What does your Elf blood say? (1d8)
  1. Elves once conquered and oppressed most creatures on this planet. Their arrogance was their undoing.
  2. Elves come from a far off world at the center of a stellar empire or perhaps they were before their defeat.
  3. The decadence of elf-kind gave birth to a Chaos God.
  4. Elves used to be a defiant faction of Fae before they were cast out and made mortal.
  5. Elves held back the darkness but were turned on by their allies: Men and Dwarves.
  6. Elves used to serve a Weird Power. A faction of them still do.
  7. Mundanity is hostile to elven life. They will disappear completely unless they escape it.
  8. Elves were created by a Weird Power to serve them, a desire lingers in their hearts to return to that service.
What do the old Dwarven stories say? (1d8)
  1. Dwarves were the greatest civilization to ever exist before they dug too deep and uncovered a Weird Power. Some are still enslaved to it.
  2. Dwarves were created by ancient humans as a slave race. They are just altered humans.
  3. Dwarves greed led to their destruction by raiding monstrous races. 
  4. Dwarves greed led to their destruction by jealous Elves and Humans.
  5. Dwarves were destroyed by their own automatons.
  6. Dwarven runic magic forms the borders which keeps Mundanity safe. The boundaries are slowly decaying.
  7. Dwarves were born of the stone. The Weirder they become, the more they transform into the stone.
  8. Many Dwarves made their dwellings deep below ground. Their civilizations and even their bodies have diverged dramatically from their surface kin.
1d12 Other Stuff in the World:
  1. A Slumbering Dragon
  2. Gigantic buried machines/golems with priceless components within
  3. Underground Dinosaur Jungle
  4. Lots of fantasy drugs and mushroom people
  5. A Subterranean Sea
  6. A wizard/witch in a moving house (Roll 1d4) 1) Walking 2) Flying 3) Swimming 4) Burrowing
  7. An Above Ground Sea with Pirates
  8. A Region of Endless Autumn
  9. A gigantic tree with whole civilizations in its branches
  10. A grand library of secrets and forbidden knowledge
  11. An abandoned wizard's tower
  12. A barn where faeries meet under the full moon.


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