Weirdos and Wonder: Yet more Weirdos (4 Dwarves and a Wizard)

Arcane Academic:

HD: 1d4, Reroll Mind

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves involving magic

A crusty old wizard who has escaped the ivory towers of academia to see the world a little and maybe actually get a look at those ancient magics which have fallen out of use in modern times. Unfortunately, while you are a sage in the area of theoretical magic, you are less skilled with practical sorcery.

Gear: A Personal Grimoire (5gp)

A Scholarly Text on a Less than Imminently Practical Subject (Worth 5gp) (Roll 1d6)
  1. Of Mice and Men: A Treatise on the Ethical Implications of Endowing Animals with Sentience.
  2. Atlas Burns: on Hell's Soul Economy.
  3. A Truth Universally Acknowledged: A Practical Guide for the Wizard in Want of a Wife.
  4. Breaking Wind: A Treatise on the Different Kinds of Air Flow
  5. The Catcher in the Rye: A Cookbook with a Specific Focus on Bread.
  6. 50 Shades of Gray: An Autobiographical Account of a Wizard Cursed with a Peculiar form of Color Blindness.
Robes and Pointy Hat

Spells: Read Magic (Mind): You can target an ongoing magical effect or spell you have seen before and know: what the name of the spell is, who cast it, when it was cast, and approximately how powerful it is. Certain casters may be able to confuse this so keep that in mind.

Misspell Magic (Mind): You may target any spell that you know the name of to change its spelling by one letter, adding, subtracting, or replacing. You can target an ongoing magical effect or take your turn out of the Initiative order to cast this spell. 

Thanks to Martin O for these awesome ideas. I hope you don't mind my theft.

Dwarf Trollhunter:

HD: 1d8, AB: +1 with axes, polearms, and guns. Reroll Might

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves involving being grappled, squished, or dodging stuff thrown by larger foes.

Troll hunting used to be an honorable and glorious profession. Then the peace treaties were signed and the troll rights groups started acting up. Now Trollhunter is mostly a euphemism for politically incorrect, washed up drunks, who don't fit very well into polite society.  They do know how to slay trolls though. That might come in handy.

Gear: A Troll hunter's weapon: (Roll 1d3)
  1. Double Axes (1d10)
  2. Troll Glaive (1d8, +2 to AB and Dmg against larger (Troll-sized) foes)
  3. The Boomstick (1d10, Roll twice and take the higher. Two rounds to reload.) + Ammo (1d6)
Troll Hide Amor (3 AC, modern dwarves will not take kindly to those wearing this armor. Trolls will be even more offended.)

Troll Teeth (Worth 10gp to human or elf alchemists. Dwarves will look down on these as remnants of a time better forgotten.)

Abilities: Dirty Fighter (Free): You may make a free combat maneuver each round.

Called Shot (Free): You can deal damage on a called shot. (Called Shots normally weaken the enemy in some specific way e.i. shoot an eye out but deal no damage to HP)

Dwarf Forge Priest:

HD: 1d6, AB: +1 with blunt weapons. Reroll Mind.

Saving Throws: Boon to save against mind-affecting magics.

The dwarven religion is ancient and steeped in layers of tradition. Their religion is a mixture of monotheism and ancestor worship. It is said the very first god came to earth and crafted himself a body out of rock and metal and this was the first dwarf. He made himself a bride of soil and flesh and together, they spawned the dwarven race, these two progenitors descending to heaven to watch their sons and daughters grow and create. Thus ancestors are considered divine as they descend to heaven alongside the first dwarves. The Forge Priests carry on the ancient rites of crafting, venerating ancestors, and slaying the enemies of the dwarven race.

Gear: A Blessed Hammer Inscribed with the Names of a Thousand Ancestors (1d10, Two handed)

Ritually Crafted Plate Mail (5 AC)

Blacksmith's Tools

Spells: Bless Gear (Mind): A piece of armor or weapon that you touch becomes magical for 1d4 Turns. Armor gains a +1 to AC. Weapons gain a +1 to hit and dmg.

Magnetism (Mind): You can afflict an object made of metal that you can see with powerful positive of negative magnetic force. Positively charged objects immediately stick to any other metal nearby or metal nearby is attracted to it. Attempting to remove this object from metal requires a Might Save. Negatively charged objects repel all metal. Attempting to move this object towards metal or metal towards this object requires a Might Save.

Dwarf Alchemist:

HD: 1d4, AB: +1 with thrown objects. Reroll Mind.

Saving Throws: Boon against dodging explosions and splashes of harmful liquid.

The great dwarven industrial complex runs on sweat, toil, and copious amounts of carcinogenic liquids. Somebody has to toss em'.

Gear: Teslacoil Staff: (1d4, 30ft ranged, also hits a single another random target within 5ft of the first target)

Potion Bandolier: A nebulous amount of potions and vials. 1d10 Usage die. Roll this whenever you whip out a potion or need a vial.

Slightly Scorched Lab Coat

Potions (Roll 1d4, twice, rerolling duplicates)
  1. Fire Bomb (Mind): Roll a ranged attack against a target within 30ft. That target and all creatures within 5ft take 2d6. Agility Save Halves.
  2. Freezing Potion (Mind): Roll a ranged attack against a target within 30ft. Hit targets take1d6 damage and have a randomly chosen part of this body encased in ice. The ground 5ft around the target becomes slick with ice, requiring an Agility Save to traverse safely.
  3. Healing Potion (Mind): Heals for 1 HD.
  4. Ink Bomb (Mind): Roll a ranged attack against a target within 30ft. The target's face is covered in black goop that requires a Might Save to remove. All creatures within 5ft must make an Agility Save or suffer the same fate.
Dwarf Shock Trooper:

HD: 1d8, AB: +1 with axes, blunt weapons, and guns. Reroll Agility.

Saving Throws: Boon against poisons.

To defend the mighty drills and mining crews of the great dwarven corporations, these mercenary crews bring their gunpowder and steel to all that threatens dwarf prosperity, including goblins, the horrors of the Underdark, and unarmed environmentalist protestors.

Gear: The Boomstick (1d10, Roll twice and take the higher. Two rounds to reload.) + Ammo (1d6)

Warhammer (1d8)

Dwarven Combat Armor (4 AC)

Shield (+1 AC)

Ability: Kill Streak (Free): If your attack kills a target, you may make a free attack against another once per round.


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