d100 Monsters: The Incomplete Denham Tracts List

So Samwise Seven RPG has once again graced me with another image, this one a list of monster names for monsters n' stuff. I thought it might be cool to actually do a little blurb for each of these. Longer ones for the more unusual, shorter ones for the already known ones. I tried to do the whole thing, but I started running out of steam and would rather not pump out substandard work so I capped it at the first 100. Maybe one day I will finish it. Maybe...
From the Denham Tracts by Michael Aislabie Denham. Shared by Samwise Seven RPG

A note about my lists: this is a long one but my lists are usually written as though you are reading from beginning to end. Sorry, this one is so long but that is really the Denam Tract's fault now isn't it? I just accepted the challenge.
  1. Ghosts: Spooky bois. Have the power to go ghost and peak on you when you're watching demihuman midget vore on your magic mirror.
  2. Boggles: They like to oggle bottles. Specifically, they are tiny faeries that live in bottles, creating entire small villages and gardens inside bottles. They live at speeds far faster than basically any mortal beings. Civilizations of boggles rise and fall in an instant leaving gorgeous displays on the inside of discarded bottles. Most of these delicate structures are ruined the moment some punk kicks it down the street thinking there's some dirt inside but under the microscope, you could see the majestic, incredibly fragile display within. Intact Boggle Bottles are worth a king's ransom.
  3. Bloody-Bones: "Nyeh!" But suriouslie, some wars are so bloody that even the dead bleed. They never stop bleeding. A scarlet eyed skeleton, perpetually dripping with hot blood. It just wants the screaming to stop, the neverending screaming of senseless war that they can never unhear.
  4. Spirits: See Ghosts but full of starlight and LSD.
  5. Demons: Creatures of Hell, their many varied forms reflecting states of suffering beyond comprehension or at least they were before the 20th Century. Hell has since tried to up its production values to mixed results.
  6. Ignis Fatui: The lesser elementals of the Plane of Fire, think of them as groupies for djinni, the hangers-on and yes men for the mob bosses of the City of Brass.
  7. Brownies: Larger, slower, and harrier boggles. As faeries get larger, they get less creative and more imitative. That's why the faery lords look basically human and imitate humans in most ways. Brownies, rather than building their own civilizations, repair and do work for humans, like making shoes while the old shoe-maker sleeps. Brownies can also be swayed by gifts to keep your home clean or even hired on as mercenaries to keep your home safe from bad faeries. Brownies are fierce, disciplined fighters with incredible logistic and tactical ability. So bad blighters stay far away or engage in intense miniature warfare during the night.
  8. Bugbears: Contrary to popular belief, bugbears are exactly that: chimeric abominations halfway between bear and insect. Paneled eyes, many sharp-clawed limbs, and hideous buzzing roars haunt adventurer's dreams.
  9. Black Dogs: There are all kinds of hellhounds. These are the guard dogs of hell, made of slow burning charcoal with always watching eyes like the Pit. They patrol the borders of hell to keep souls from escaping through the Higherground Railroad to Heaven. They can sniff out any marked by the seal of damnation.
  10. Spectres: See Ghost but all of them bluster like Victorian Englishmen as those half-orc midgets get on their bibs.
  11. Shellycoats: Winterwear possessed by the spirit of Percy Shelly. "Come on Mary, enter into a relationship with me and my lover! It'll be cool!"
  12. Scarecrows: Marvelously helpful but really quite stupid farming aids. Tend to get possessed by all sorts of bad things and become horror B Movie Monsters.
  13. Witches: "That's a clean burning hell, I tell you what!"
  15. Barguests: Named for annoying tavern patrons. These lion-lizards raid houses of drink and guzzle all the booze! They claim they will pay their tab but they never do.
  16. Robin-Goodfellows: Robinmen robbers ripping randy rascal's red rockets righteously. Thieving birdmen who emasculate men who get a little handsy with the barmaids. Viewed with mixed opinions by affected populations.
  17. Hags: Hateful witches, wrinkled and twisted by the endless years, turned into bestial magical servants of dark gods and the Devil. They have occasional bake sales and Janice's biscuits are always wretched!
  18. Night-bats: Redundant winged rats. Actually, these large bats travel in such huge swarms across the multiverse that where they appear, their swarms blot out the sun, plunging the land below into night. It is said they follow an errant moon whose light none have seen because the bats block it out.
  19. Scrags: Scrags live among crags. Very old pointy stone men who could speak volumes of ancient wisdom but if awakened will start yelling at you to get off their lawn.
  20. Breaknecks: Undead killed by hanging. They have long very strong fingers. They hang upside down by long strong toes. Many a horse has found itself suddenly without a rider only to hear a loud crack ring out from behind.
  21. Fantasms: See Ghosts but super gay.
  22. Hobgoblins: Many a child that was stolen by goblins became very goblinish, but unlike goblins, children must grow up. Goblins are evil but fun and childlike. Hobgoblins lose a lot of the wonder out of torture and village raiding and often have crises where they wonder if goblining was the right career choice. 
  23. Hobhouldards: Very old hobgoblins, senility and age have produced a cunning and gleeful but curmudgeonly wickedness. Hobhouldards will live in personal junkyards full of the traps and unexlploded explodey machines that they nefariously crafted in their youth. All of it is still very active though and Hobhouldards are very dangerous if disturbed. Their version of telling you their life story is killing and torturing you in a thousand ways no one has ever conceived of before.
  24. Boggy-boes: "Oh weave and woe, did you see him come and go? Oh, la and lee did he sing to thee? Oh my oh no say it is not so! Tell me you did not hear the song of the Boggy-boe!"
  25. Dobbies: Goblins whose culture is entirely sock based. Naked goblins are slaves but those who can steal socks gain status. Socks guarantee citizenship. The greatest among them are rolling balls of socks held together by rubber bands and hope.
  26. Hobthrusts: Hobgoblins during their midlife crisis. All such Hobgoblins become Michael Jackson Impersonators until returned to their senses.
  27. Fetches: If you see a copy of yourself in the woods, washing blood off of something, the thing they wash is the implement of your death. If you can wrestle the thing off them, you will be safeguarded from ever being killed by that implement so long as you have the thing on your person. Some poor souls find themselves carrying around large rocks just so they will never be crushed to death by a stone.
  28. Kelpies: Undersea faeries living amongst seaweed and kelp. They dance with the drowned in ballrooms made in the bellies of sunken ships.
  29. Warlocks: see Wizards but edgy.
  30. Mock-Beggars: Covered in old clothes such that you can never really see the thing within, jangling cups of change and knocking on doors for food and warmth. Never let one in. Never give one a single penny. If you look close all those old clothes they wear are made out of a peculiar material... a leather made from a strange sort of skin.
  31. Mum-poker: Adorable censoring of "mother fucker." Actually,  a sort of silent smiling creature dressed like a flamboyant thesbian with needles for hands. The sight of one portends grave accidents and bad reviews for theatrical performances.
  32. Jemmy-burties: Tiny gummy goblins invented by the venerable Jemmy Burtie, well loved by children everywhere, however, this is a plot. Jemmy Burtie is secretly a goblin, selling children agents that will eventually hijack their bodies, marching them off to Jemmy Burtie's factory to produce more "candy."
  33. Urchins: Spiney hobos. If you don't give them a penny, they will stick you with a venomous needle.
  34. Satyrs: Randy goaty bois.
  35. Fauns: See Satyrs but Roman.
  36. Sirens: All sirens are terrible singers. No man is capable of giving them the constructive criticism they need to improve themselves. Of course, if anyone manages to do so anyway, they wave them off as "haters"
  37. Tritons: Axolotyl-men of the primordial sea, taking refuge in the dream of the dying god of slimy things.
  38. Centaurs: Corrupt taxmen of Medved, the Old Bear. More like fratboys than majestic creatures of myth.
  39. Calcars: The accountants of Hell. Someone has to keep track of the souls coming into the Pit. God demands a thorough accounting and fines them heavily for all errors, even though his own agents are the ones stealing the souls. Calcars do a hard and honestly pretty pointless task and no one even likes them. To be fair, Calcars are terribly boring at parties and find comparing calculator models as exciting conversation subject matter.
  40. Nymphs: the cock-teases of the faerie world. Nymphs are all female and their offspring are always with other creatures. They actually spontaneously spawn out of pockets of randy energy. Thus, they make sure to play hard to get as long as possible to build up substantial pockets of this energy.
  41. Imps: The little buggers of Hell, nibbling the foreskins of the damned for all time.
  42. Incubuses: "Did somebody say RANDY ENERGY?" 
  43. Spoorns: The Spoorn only leaves a trace but never passes by. Tracks, smells, and broken foliage appears in distinct paths but the creature can never be seen passing. It might be wondered whether or not the creature only exists as a trace.
  44. Men-in-Oak: Sometimes sorrow becomes so deep that it digs into the ground like roots. Many a soldier fleeing from a battlefield, last survivor of a massacre, or hopelessly lost child has stopped and wept in a tree only for the tree to grow around them, to comfort them, to take away their sadness forever. What is left is a creature that wants nothing more than to take away the pain of other's, regardless if it means taking their humanity as well.
  45. Hellwains: Otherwise known as the Hellwagon, the Hellwain is a large hollow creature. Abyssal machinery has converted its innards and long spindly legs such that it can transport a large number of demons to their various office complexes and death camps.
  46. Fire-drakes: Dragons make fire. Fire-drakes eat fire. They are fat smelly lizards with wings so small as to be almost useless that tend to arrive after great fiery disasters to feast. They make a dragon attack ten times worse.
  47. Kit-a-can Sticks: Abandoned garbage collects in deserted corners: rags and cans collect. Sticks and pipes follow. Eventually, the clacking of sticks and pipes and the rattling of cans can be heard in barren alleyways. The Kit-a-can Sticks wobbles through the streets, leaving a trail of garbage in its wake. The Kit-a-can Sticks will collect all kinds of discarded things... and people.
  48. Tom-tumblers: Small round goblins in red overalls, adept at acrobatics and tumbling of all kinds. They are all named Tom. They are mostly used as literal cannon fodder and are also the balls in Gobboball, a popular sport amongst goblins whose rules none can fathom but them. Goblins that lose Gobboball get squashed into Tom-tumblers.
  49. Melch-DICKS: Were going to be called Melchiors but one of them peed on the academic as they were writing this and so the name was abruptly changed. melch-dicks are small furry creatures the color of bad lettuce. They drink milk straight from the utter during the night, leaving cows dry when farmers come to milk them. They are annoying and mischevious creatures in the extreme.
  50. Larrs: The larr is a white small long-armed ape with blue multifaceted eyes that shine like jewels. Eventually, they will plant themselves in the ground, growing into a white tree with reflective leaves and blue blossoms that will open to release more larrs into the world. Larr eyes are extremely rare and valuable but anyone who touched the blood of a lar will themselves become a larr tree.
  51. Kitty-witches: Magic cats with cute little hats and brooms to boot.
  52. Hobby-Lanthorns: A squat frog-like man in patched clothing and rumpled tophat, carrying a baleful blue lantern. His huge black opalescent eyes reflect the light of the lantern. He offers to guide you through the forest. If you need shelter he knows a safe place. He offers you food in the form of small seeds which he says are quite good. All of this is to lead you to Mother Hobthorn who is always hungry and must constantly be fed by her sons as she is rooted by thorny vines as a result of a curse cast upon her.
  53. Dick-a-Tuesdays: A gaybar on 23rd and Main.
  54. Elf-fires: In days of yore when elves warred with the primordial races, they used weapons of Elf-fire, cataclysmic soul-consuming flames that would not harm elves. Over time, the souls consumed by the flames created a new tormented form out of the white fire and ashes of their cities, hunting down and incinerating elves wherever they could be found. Most of these Elf-fire titans were sealed away. If they were to walk the earth once more, it would mean the end for the elven race.
  55. Gylburnt-tails: These are black foxes whose tails burn with a green flame. This flame only burns cheats and swindlers and their possessions. If you trick one too many people, beware the fire of the Gylburnt-tails.
  56. Knockers: Creatures who look a lot like common stones. The enjoy falling from great heights on their crustacean legs as a friendly but often quite lethal greeting.
  57. Elves: Often beloved by people who watch a lot of elf-cartoons who don't really know anything about the culture. Some go so far as to rather be elven than human only to find themselves despised by everyone.
  58. Raw-heads: Undead created from those scalped or with flayed skulls. Their touch causes the victim's skin to peel away from the affected area, spreading over the whole body with sustained contact.
  59. Meg-with-the-wads: A woman in white holding a bleeding miscarried child in her arms. She stands over ponds that have grown red with the blood out of which emerge blood oozes that cry like infants.
  60. Old-shocks: A mostly naked ancient man with a wild mane of white hair and huge blind eyes, riding a giant pitch black dog. He comes to cemeteries at midnight, sprinkling salt over the graves to call forth the spirits of the dead who follow to worlds beyond.
  61. Ouphs: "Ooof!" They come down chimney's alighting before children who haven't gone to sleep, playing roughly with them until one of them is hurt. Then they scream a terrible roaring scream. Then Old Mother Ouph comes from the flames to take the offending child away.
  62. Padfooit: Pit pat pit pat. The rattle of chains. A wailing howl. Sometimes you hear it behind. Sometimes you hear it behind a corner in front of you. You can never see it. Only hear it. It follows, ever unseen, always heard, for a year and a day, but you must never speak to it nor try to attack it or you will be afflicted with a lethal disease. Leave your door open and leave out food on the table for 3 days or bring a priest to the sight of any infant deaths that happened around the start of the haunting and have them sprinkle holy water over the grave. Either way, the haunting will stop.
  63. Pixies: Tiny faeries with many very sharp teeth. They are about on the same level of size/creativity as brownies but where the brownies use their imagination to repair and guard, pixies are all about creatively pranking and sabotaging human creations. They don't have the same technical chops as gremlins but they can gnaw at a chair leg so that it breaks just as someone sits on it. They can be hired with goat's milk and bitter greens to make someone's life miserable and so they are often the main enemy of brownies.
  64. Pictrees: Trees covered in ancient paintings and glyphs. Ancient shamans captured malevolent spirits within. If the tree is cut down, the loggers will find the marking gone. The creature will be free. Elaborate murals of locals will appear on nearby trees but their subjects will be nowhere to be seen.
  65. Giant: Big boi. Enjoys throwing rocks and can doing bonzai with regular trees.
  66. Dwarfs: "You'll have to toss me. Don't tell the elf!"
  67. Tom-pokers: Tom liked to poke people with sticks. He poked people over and over again. Every day he came back with his poking stick with that wicked smile. One day they hanged Tom-poker. Now Tom-poker found a new stick, a sharp stick of steel given to him by Satan and sent back to continue his wicked work.
  68. Tutgots: Bearded faeries that make their home in old cobwebs. They invisibly draw the memories of passersby from their heads and use it as more threads for their web. A Tutgot will often have a few threads of memory that are particularly precious to them worn on their body. Scandals and murders make good clothing for the Tutgot. A person with a Tutgot in their home may find themselves emptied of memories, wandering a house covered in shining webs. The Tutgot grows as it expands its home, growing more spindly arms and legs.
  69. Snapdragons: Land fertilized by dragon feces grow unusual plants. Snapdragons are fire-breathing carnivorous plants. It likes its meat cooked.
  70. Sprets: SPRET: Satanic Protective Regime Employing Terror. SPRET Agents or Sprets are the Gestapo of hell. They are leather-clad pseudo-automatons wearing gas masks. Uncovered, they are a mixture of brass and flesh, whirring, ticking, and labored breathing. Their brass claws can change into buzzsaws, scalpels, firearms, and pretty much anything else they might need. They can separate into their component parts with each acting autonomously in a hivemind link with the agent. Indeed each agent is such a part as well, all linked to the Molech Engine.
  71. Spunks: Young rebellious demons who want to tear down the old order of hell to get back to the essence of what it truly means to torment the damned souls of mortals. "Its just got all locked up in machinery and bureaucracy, mah hellion. We gotta get back to natural styles of torture!"
  72. Conjurers: See Wizards but with slavery.
  73. Thurses: Dig deep enough into the world and you slowly uncover a gigantic corpse underpinning the world, it's still bleeding blood flows in rivers of magma in the depths. Thurses sail the river of earth blood, giant humanoids covered in spiraling thorns. They are dead even as the world that they were hewn from is dead and the rot which sets upon them as black thorns, covering their bodies. They are the slavers of the deep places and capture creatures to work at clearing the blockages of magma and rebuilding the bones of the dead one.
  74. Spurns: Spurned lovers who committed suicide out of heartbreak. Now as undead, they seek to revenge themselves on those that spurned them, killing them in a way reflecting their own method of suicide. If the Spurn jumped off a cliff, they push their targets off a cliff. However, if they are not able to kill their original targets, they shall remain to haunt any that would spurn their lover. A Spurn can be laid to rest by taking some remnant or representation of the lover and disposing of it in a manner reflecting the Spurn's death. A Spurn will appear with clues concerning their death. A drowned Spurn will drip water. A hanged Spurn will still have their noose, ect.
  75. Tantarrabobs: Long Furry legs and eight shiny black eyes sits beneath a well-polished bowler hat. This giant tarantula is a door to door salesman, bringing all sorts of cursed items for sale. The prices of the Tantarrabob might include currency, a large living creature that it can wrap up n its web and devour, or it may be satisfied with a ghoulish tale told by one who has experienced a true horror. He is very straight forward with what he has and what he wants. He will not abide rudeness, however. If you simply run and scream, he will consider you quite rude and attack.
  76. Swaithes: The misbegotten children of dwarves and dark elves. It had to happen at some point, didn't it? Dark Elves are creatures of illusion and it amuses them to lure creatures who would otherwise be disgusted or afraid of them into their beds only to reveal what has been done. Dwarves and elves of any kind are not meant to breed and their children are deformed mules, their bodies irregularly twisting between stout and lithe, thin and heavy. Their lives are pain and dark elves like to release these creatures near dwarven settlements because a swaithe will often seek to take vengeance on their parents for creating them with all the cleverness of the drow and all the determination of a dwarf.
  77. Tints: Tiny homunculi who hold beakers and squeeze pipettes for wizards and alchemists.
  78. Tod-Towries: A vagabond in a tilting tophat with a toolbox, encountered by people whose carriages have broken down on the road. He says, "Me name is Tod. I'll fix yer wheel with what is to hand if'n ye wish." If you agree, he will set to work. The material he works with will seem very strange. It is a white wood he seems to bend and shape with his hands. You might notice that one of your passengers, the smallest of the lot has wandered off. Before you can go to look, Tod Towries, will stand up. "All finished!" And pat off white powder from his hands. He will shake your hand and be off. If you search for your lost passenger, pet, or child, you will find little more than a sack of skin and muscles, all bones removed. If you are lucky, your lost passenger will be dead.
  79. Jack-in-the-Wads: Careful where you buy your meat pies from. Once a ragged figure covered in a thick woolen cloak came into London town. From the shadows of his hood, he called himself Jack. Jack's pies smelled delicious. He doled them out to passing busybodies who had little time or too much hunger to notice the heavily bandaged hand, lacking a few fingers which handed them out in exchange for a measly pittance. Jack never returned with his pies. He was found bled out in his kitchen, having cut off his last hand. He was covered in gaping wounds where he had removed his own flesh and something awful was burning in his oven. Now Jack is said to live in all Londoners, making them such a strange lot. Whenever someone no one suspected turns out to be a murderer, the old ladies shake their heads and say "Jack's in the Wads. Jack's in the Wads."
  80. Mormos: Small red deformed goblins, often wearing underwear on their heads. In order to become an adult, a mormos must infiltrate a human settlement and steal a pair of their undergarments. This is a hilarious joke and supreme religious rite amongst their people. The first stolen pair is said to be magical and will protect the mormo against all harm, regardless of the fact that there is no evidence to back this up. Other than being voracious panty-raiders, they are extremely adept and stitching clothes and will do so in exchange for old underwear.
  81. Changelings: "Oh yes, compatriot, I do remember that humorous incident you refer to! Say oughtn't we rest soon?" Companions recovered from the depths of dungeons ought not to be trusted.
  82. Redcaps: Larger fae creatures, about the size of dwarves. They all wear red feathered caps, metal boots, and wield large scythes. They have taken to mimicking the mercenaries and adventures of the mortal worlds. The stomping of armored feet and the symbolic scythe of death, let on the grimness of this reflection. They raid the Faerie of its loot and hoard it. The most dangerous Redcaps are those who have adventured long and added more magical items to their armament. Redcaps will often be hired by the great Lords of the Seasonal Courts as mercenaries. The Grand Duke of the Court of Fall is particularly fond of Redcaps.
  83. Yeth-hounds: Another variety of hell-hound. Yeth-hounds are huge mechanically augmented beasts. The lower classes of hell love to watch the Yeth-hound fights where two radically differently armed Yeth-hounds fight to the death in the Doom Pit of Baal. Many souls are won and lost during such fights. Enough that sometimes, angels sneak into these fights and rig them in order to steal souls from hell.
  84. Colt-pixies: The birthrate of pixies is actually quite low. Pixies are quite hard to kill so it balances out. When a pixie causes enough chaos, they fuel all that mischief into a little ball. The set that ball on a dewy leaf and with a little luck, it hatches upon the morn into a colt-pixie. The creature explodes from its egg and blasts outwards with the power of chaos. It blasts through a settlement and everyone has a bad day. Buckets have pixie-sized holes in them, all chairs fall apart. Every system thought completely sound, utterly fails. This lasts for a day before the pixie reaches its age of near infinite maturity.
  85. Tom-thumbs: An order of knights created under Arthur himself, who dedicated themselves to shrinking down with Merlin's magic to fight mankind's most insidious enemy: SNAILS! Without the actions of these small heroes, this slimy, shelled menace would have ravaged humanity.
  86. Blackbugs: These beetles are impervious to light. Their shells are absolutely light-negative. A multitude of them spreads their aura of darkness. Areas that might seem like magical darkness are often instead simply infested with Blackbugs, making them a mana-efficient alternative for the frugal wizard of today.
  87. Boggarts: Snubbed brownies or particularly enraged pixies can turn into a Boggart. Boggarts are utterly malevolent fae that haunt the houses and families of those that have wronged them, following them wherever they flee. Boggarts will lay a clammy hand on your face while you sleep, pull on your ears, and steal your children. They have the viciousness of a child with all the intellect of an ancient creature. You can bury a boggart beneath an ash tree to stop it for a while but even dead and buried, it can still reach out enacting its mischief on the land.
  88. Scar Bugs: These bugs feed on ancient sorrows. Memories and even the signs of past traumas can disappear with an infection. A person dunked into a swarm of Scar Bugs comes out smooth-skinned like a babe with no memories that are even remotely tinged with sorrow. 
  89. Shag Foals: It is a common miracle to find young people who have been banging in a church stuck together in the act of their intimacy. Mostly this is something that villagers will laugh off. The collective blessing of the village is enough to free them from their predicament. However, if a sour-faced village elder should refuse their blessing out of spite or the couple should crawl away into the forest out of shame, they might find themselves caught together forever, a hideous amalgam of despair, believing that they are beyond redemption though this is far from the case.
  90. Hodge Pochers: Larger than a brownie, Hodge Pochers are notorious thieves and hoarders. They steal human clothes and knick-knacks to fill transform their burrows into mockeries of a human abode. A hodge pocher will often be seen wearing a patched up coat far too big for it and a drooping tophat. Hodge Pochers also collect rumors, loving all human gossips and whispers. They will lurk in alleys, wells, spaces between walls, and attics, listening with their pointy ears to all the juicy gossip. They will trade information for nice clothes to the one that can find them.
  91. Hob-thrushes: Thrushes are small birds that live in quite a few places. Hob-thrushes are thrushes who have been mutated by goblins for the purposes of creating devious spies and even mounts for their smaller kin. A Hob-thrush left to roam is a dangerous birds, raiding nests, to kill other birds and breeding with regular thrushes to produce a viral explosion of Hob-thrushes. They are a virulent invasive species and most provinces reward their killing.
  93. Bull-Beggars: The great race of the bullmen was driven into exile by the destruction of their great pasture at the claws of the dread dragon, Zharnobog. Now the bullmen wander the land little better than beggars, but a there are still great warriors amongst their people and God help those that rouse one to action.
  94. Bygorns: A bygorn steals concepts. A great many people can find that a concept has just been stolen from their minds. Whole villages can forget what "Up" is. A mischevious Bygorn could take "taxes" from them to enrage the sheriff. Those afflicted by this ontological theft can only really know that something is wrong when their needs and normal life cannot continue without a certain concept. Unfortunately, by the time anyone figures out "breathing" has been stolen, it is too late. A bygorn could be hunted down, but they are fell adversaries, using their arsenal of stolen concepts and their powers of ontological theft to aid them. Another method for combating the Bygorn is to steal it. It is fae and so more conceptual than actual. A proper poem written with Martin Heidegger's concept of poetry in mind can create a prison for the Bygorn. Then all that is needed is to discover the name or list of deeds that the Bygorn claims to define itself by (i.e. what it has stolen)  in order to work that into the poem The Bygorn loves thought puzzles and experiments so it might be bargained with to give up parts of its name for such prizes.
  95. Bolls: A faerie boll is an egg. This embryonic stage of a faery's existence leaves them floating aloft on the Sea of Dreams, soaking in the thought stuff of all sentient things. Strong enough concepts come and like sperm to enter the boll of pure creative energy to give birth to the fae. Tender angels stir them and coax them into being for though many fae are opponents of humanity, their reconciliation with humanity is apart of the divine plan. 
  96. Caddies: What lurks in the depths? Skeletons wash up all the time that don't look like any animal we know. "They may tell us, 'Oh, it's just a whale or a shark or a bacterial multiorganism.' But I know the truth! It's down there, that serpent, coming up to tease us, dying only to leave us with more mysteries. They're taunting us!" Sometimes the fear of the things which come from below manifest into reality. A whiff of wonder and fear of the unknown draws forth the creatures from the Sea of Dreams, birthed into reality. Then what was feared becomes real. All too real.
  97. Bomen: The bomen go a-walkin' through the fields. Tall fellows with shiny black hats with a feather in them, a briefcase full of something irresistible, and a little chewing tobacco for the nerves. Ain't nobody ever seen a bomen. Oh, they remember somebody coming to the door. They see that there are two cups of tea out instead of one. They don't remember where they got that doodad on the shelf all interlocking shining pieces of who-knows-what. What does it do? They don't know? What did they give up for it? They can't say. The boman comes with strange prices for his strange goods. One of your socks, just one! A pen you're fond of. Those shears you borrowed from Mrs. Fillian next door. You can never find the thing again and you don't know that it was you who handed it over. In exchange, you get the most wonderful device in the world, capable of granting you all your wildest dreams! If only you could remember how to work it...
  98. Brags: Demons of pride who have got the whole deal a little bit wrong. Instead of trying to get other people to be prideful, they just like to brag about themselves. Most of it is fabricated and makes its way to r/thathappened.
  99. Wraithes: see Ghosts but they will steal your soul for the profound sin of what you are seeing.
  100. Waffs: A gust of wind comes through. In the sky, you see above you a wrinkled face bundled in patchwork quilts. The old lady wooshes past gleefully laughing as if its the greatest fun. On days of high wind, they might swoop low and offer a hand to join in the blustery race. You take hold and in an instant, you are gone lost to the skies, forever frolicking in the weird blue yonder.


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