Faerie Magic for DCC

Magical enemies are one of those things that I find hard to work with in DCC. Faeries are perfect examples of aggressively magical creatures. When I run them, the fae folk are practically made of magic, their capricious nature directly tied to the chaotic nature of magic. They are also basically demons and denizens of Hell. My inspiration is mostly drawn from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and The Dresden Files.

From Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

DCC spells tend to cover entire pages, so these creatures which ought to know a great deal many spells could require me just compiling a long list of spells or creating several entire pages of spells or... I could make a single table with a bunch of similarly themed magical effects.

So here is that.

Faerie Magic

Level: NA    Range: Line of Sight    Duration: Varies    Casting Time: 1 Round    Save: Varies

General: This is the magic that faeries can cast casually. Low results mean that the faery's capricious nature has taken over rather than that it has failed to cast the spell. Their interest and intensity are directly related to the tides of magic.

Manifestation: Faery magic is usually pretty subtle in its manifestation though this depends on the mood of the caster. Usually, you will get the following depending on what Court they hail from: Fall: A wind bearing autumnal leaves. Spring: A wind bearing flower petals. Winter: An icy gale. Summer: An unpleasantly warm breath of air.

1: The faery takes 1d4 rounds gloating, chatting with someone in their entourage, or engaging in any other snooty and arrogant behavior.

 2-11: The faery takes a round being arrogant.

12-13: The music of the orchestras of hell puppet the limbs of a single target into a demonic waltz. A single target must make a Will Save or dance with an invisible partner or the faery themselves for 1d4 rounds.

14-17: The faery commands the bodies of those around them. Roll 1d6: 1)The target's mouth closes up, flesh growing over where their mouth used to be. 2) The target's eyes roll out of their heads and try to escape, they are difficult to catch due to their slipperiness and strange speed. 3) The target's ears flutter away like butterflies. 4) The target's legs disconnect from their torso, performing the steps of a waltz. 5) The target's arms begin battling each other with whatever they have to hand. The target must make a Luck Check (Roll Under) or be hurt with whatever they are holding (Ex: take the damage from a weapon or take unarmed damage). 6) The target's head leaps off their shoulder's cackling and shouting: "Free at last!" 

These effects can be undone with magical healing (So long as the body part in question has been caught) or they end once the faery leaves or loses interest.

18-19: As last result, but up to 1d6 creatures are affected.

20-23: A single target is turned into something else: Roll 1d6: 1) A teapot. 2) A potted plant. 3) A rabbit. 4) A doll that looks like them. 5) A raven. 6) A tapestry of them frozen in terror. This effect lasts until the faery is no longer present, loses interest, or rolls a 1. This effect can be undone with curse removal spells or magical healing (4 HD for Lay on Hands).

24-27: As last result, but up to 1d6 creatures are affected.

28-29: A single target is transformed into a horrific beast that turns on its fellows. This effect is permanent but it is released from the faery's control once it leaves or loses interest. The transformation can be undone by remove curse spells or a wish spell.

30+: As last result but the transformation cannot be undone except by a wish spell or if the target completes a task for the faery. These tasks will often have a time limit and a physical representation of said limit. For instance: love and be loved in return before all the petals fall from this rose or become the beloved king of a kingdom before this apple rots to its core.

A Note on Counterspelling:

A wizard could conceivably counterspell this magic with any spell that protects the victim, undoes curses, disrupts the line of sight between the target and the faery.


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