Weirdos and Wonder: More Weirdos (Humans)

Wild Man/Woman of the North:

HD: 1d8, AB: +1, Reroll Might.

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves against natural environmental factors like weather or landslides or brambles.

Beyond the grasp of civilization in the frozen wastes of the north, barbarian tribes roam, deadly as the predators of their homeland. For dishonorable crimes, a Wild Man/Woman might be exiled from the wastes of their home and thus go to civilization. Others go for curiosity's sake.

Gear: Hatchet (1d6), a Weathered Longbow (1d6), Arrows (1d6 Ammo), Wolf Hide Armor (3 AC)

2d6 Animal Pelts (1sp each)

Abilities: Barbarian Range (Might): Until you go a round without melee attacking, you get a Boon to your attacks and may add the Boon's result to your damage.

Reckless Attack (Free): You can make an attack with a Boon. Enemies get Boons on attacks against you for a round.

Miracle Man/Woman:

HD: 1d6, Reroll Luck.

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves against Spells.

Ironically named, these are lesser mages that mostly peddle less than effective magical remedies for people's problems. Snake oil salesmen and con artists, these vagabonds roam from place to place, selling their wares to villagers who will buy without question until they discover that something is wrong.

Gear: A "Magic" Stick (1d4, little is magical about this stick accept that people will actually believe that its a wand.)

A Nifty Hat. A Briefcase.

A Load of Hooey: A sizable supply of snake oil, phony talismans, and the like. Acts as an Ammo Die of a d6. Each time you sell your wares in a backwater village, roll this die. Acts as a usual ammo die plus you make sp equal to the result on the die in chickens, copper coins, corn, and whatever else has been given to you in trade. Each time you re-enter a town you have sold these wares to make a Luck Check. On a failure, the town has found you out and will run you out of town if you are lucky. A Nat 20 means they want to burn you as a witch.

Spells: Roll twice on the Mundane Magics Table here. These spells are all Mind based and you cast them as if you were level 1. You can train these spells to increase your level with the specific spell.

Cleric of Law:

HD: 1d6, Reroll Mind.

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves against Mind Control and Charm.

Heretic hunters and undead slayers, you make manifest the often complex and difficult to discern will of your god into reality... mostly by killing stuff.

Gear: A Blunt Weapon inscribed with the holy symbol of your deity or the upwards pointing arrow of Law (1d8).

A Shield with the symbol of your deity (+1 AC when held and uses Shields will Shatter rules)

Chainmail once gain... with the symbol of your deity. (4 AC)

Holy Symbol (Worth 10gp)

Spells: Lay on Hands (Mind): Heal a target your touch by their HD.

Turn Unholy (Mind): You raise aloft a blessed weapon or holy symbol. Unholy creatures within 30ft take 1d3 damage and must make a Mind Save or be forced to flee from and cannot enter within range of the caster. This lasts so long as the caster spends their turn praying and not attacking.

Witch Hunter: 

HD: 1d6, Reroll Might or Agility.

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves against Spells from Unholy casters.

They have a bad reputation, but in a world where actual demon worshipping covens are really working to summon forth their vile lords, the common man is often happy to see them. The church of Law, however, hates these self-appointed holy vigilantes even while certain common priests will support them.

Gear: Flintlock Pistol: (1d8 Roll twice and take the higher. Requires 3 turns to reload). Blessed Ammunition (1d6).

One Handed Sword: (1d6)

Leather Armor: (2 AC)

Torches (3)

A Silver Holy Symbol (Worth 5sp)

Abilities: Burn the Witch! (Luck): You can recruit peasants to your cause with the truthful report of a witch or monster. You can gain 1d4 torch and pitchfork wielding peasants from a village who will follow your orders until the promised abomination is destroyed or until things get really bad. If horrors begin to beset the peasants or you try to use the peasants to check for traps, make a Luck Check. On a success, they remain. Otherwise, they flee screaming.

Suffer Not (Mind): Mark a caster of Unholy magics that you can see as the subject of holy wrath. Allies gain a Boon to attacks against them for a Turn.

Cultist of Chaos:

HD: 1d6, Reroll Mind.

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves against Mind Control and Charm.

You dark gods demand blood! Or really you can do whatever you want. The Chaos gods are often pretty quiet and honestly take something of a Darwinian approach to things. Let their pawns fight Law and between each other and the strongest will eventually get to a place where they are worthy of notice or actually summon them onto the mortal plane. So you know... wing it!

Gear: Sacrificial Dagger: (1d4)

Holy Symbol: (worth 10gp)

Menacing Robes

Spells: (Roll 1d4 twice, rerolling duplicates)

  1. Plague of Madness (Mind): A creature you can see makes a Mind Save or attacks the nearest creature to it until it Saves, Saving each round.
  2. Mind Probe (Mind): A creature you touch makes a Mind save or you can read his mind. His mind must answer you 1d4 questions truthfully. This is an invasive and draining process, dealing 1d6 temporary Mind damage to the creature each time. If this damage reduces a target's Mind to 0 they go permanently and violently insane.
  3. Dark Mark (Mind): You place a foul rune on a surface you touch. So long as you remain within a kilometer of it, it informs you whenever a creature you know to be hostile passes near it.
  4. Blood Control (Mind): You control a single person's limb that you can see for a single round. The target may make a Might Save to resist.


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