Into the Weird Blue Yonder: Carousing Mishaps both Strange and Macabre

In a decently sized city, you can spend 1d6 x 100 gp and gain that much XP. If the GP spent exceeds what you have, the debt is owed to some local figure like a crime boss which will use this debt as leverage and you automatically roll on the Carousing Mishaps table. If you can pay the amount rolled, make a Con Save DC: 15. On a success, nothing happens you are fine. On a failure, roll on the Carousing Mishaps table.

Carousing Mishaps (1d20):
  1. You pray to escape a desperate situation and your god answers! However, they have a quest for you which you cannot refuse.
  2. You awaken with a mysterious mark on your hand. Something has marked you for a dark purpose.
  3. In your drunken haze, you have a vision of cosmic revelation. Make a DC: 15 Pers Save. On a failure, roll a random Insanity. On a  success, gain 1 Insight.
  4. You get beaten and robbed in a dark alley. Lose 1d6x100 gp.
  5. You awaken to find yourself initiated into a cult. They expect you to pay your dues and do their bidding or else…
  6. Roll a Con Save or become addicted to a new drug that has become popular. Each time you do downtime, spend 2d6 additional gp on satisfying this addiction. Where did that drug come from anyway?
  7. Romantic entanglement. Make a roll under Luck Save to avoid nuptials. Roll 1d6: 1-3: Scorned Lover, 4-5: Angered Parents, 6: Mysterious lover disappears, leaving nothing but a small token of their existence and a smell like a ghost that haunts a certain room in your home.
  8. In your drunken haze you wander into a part of the city you have never seen before. Empty streets stretch out in all directions at strange angles. Impenetrable shadows fill corners and things move in the corner of your eye.This character is not present for your next session. Roll a new one. Make a roll under Luck Save for the first character. On a success they emerge some time later as though no time has passed. On a failure, they take 1d4 Con and Pers damage. Their clothes are torn up and they are evidently incredibly stressed and emaciated. 
  9. A distressed figure eagerly sells you a strange item that costs you 2d6 gp or as much as you have on you if you don’t have the enough for the amount rolled. He is visibly relieved as he leaves in a hurry. 
  10. In your stupor, you publicly mocked a local figure of importance and this became the talk of the town, making an enemy of said figure.
  11. You defiled a church in your drunken haze! Lose 1d6 Luck.
  12. An old lady rolled some bones in a back alley and told you how you would die. You take 1d4 Pers damage as her fateful utterance plagues you. What if it’s true?
  13. You gambled away one of your magic items. If you have no magic items lose 1d4x100 gp.
  14. You bathed in some questionable substance in an undercity sewer on a dare. Make a Con Save DC: 13 or roll 1d12 on the Mutation Table.
  15. Heated words led to a violent brawl. Begin your next adventure with 1d3 less hit points. This damage can’t take you lower than 1 HP.
  16. You are visited by a dead relative who tasks you to change your hedonistic ways or face the consequences in the world beyond! Or it might have been a piece of undigested beef. In anycase, you must make a DC: 15 Pers save upon each downtime. Success means you can Carouse as normal and you don’t need to make any more saves. On a failure, you are unable to Carouse and must make the save again next time you do downtime.
  17. You do so much drugs that you forget a large portion of your life. Take 1d4 Int dmg.
  18. You stumbled onto a secret meeting that you shouldn’t have seen. Roll a Stealth check or have assassins sent after you!
  19. Your hangover has left you off balance. On your first day of adventure all natural 2s act as natural 1s.
  20. Halt! You’ve violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence! Pay 1d10 x 100 gp or this character spends the next two adventures in jail.

Designer’s Note: This table is similar to Jeff Rient's because it is the one I used during the Weird Marches. I have tried to tilt this table back towards emphasizing the strange and macabre.


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