Weirdos and Wonder: The Last Batch of Weirdos

I haven't posted regarding this project for a while but here are the last Weirdos for the game. Expect a post compiling all the Weirdos plus the rules from the first post.

Find the rest of the Weirdos: here, here, here, and here.

Mushroom Man

HD: 1d8, Reroll Might, AB: +1 with primitive weaponry like clubs, staves, spears, and slings.

Saving Throws: Boon to Saves involving resisting mind control or toxins

Mushroom Men are the oppressed natives of the Narcosan Archipelago. Their noble culture was one of sharing freely their thoughts with each other through telepathic spores. Of course, this is like giving a culture the internet before it has mastered the wheel, resulting in their inevitable downfall.

Gear: Pipe (1gp)

1d4 Hallucinogenic Drugs (5 gp each. Allows a spell caster to immediately regain a spell at the "cost" of being high.)

Roll 1d4:
  1. Club (1d4)
  2. Staff (1d4, Reach)
  3. Spear (1d8, Reach)
  4. Sling (1d4) + 1d6 Ammo Die.
Abilities: Naturally Spongey (Free): you have +3 AC.

Psychic Spores (Mind): Communicate an idea to a creature you can see or force them to believe something unless they make a Mind Save. They will believe this untruth until direct evidence of its falseness appears, allowing it to make a Mind Save each round it is aware of the evidence.

Mushroomman by 


HD: 1d6, Reroll Agility, AB: +1 with daggers and ranged weapons.

Saving Throws: Against all traps.

C'mon, you know me, you know what I do. Yes, I am picking my nose with that wand you picked up in the last dungeon. What of it?

Gear: 1d4 Daggers (1d4 each)

Crossbow (1d6) + 1d6 Ammo die.

Leather Armor (+2 AC)

Pouch of Stolen Gold (2d6 gp)

Abilities: Skillz (Free): Boon to all things thief related: pickpocketing, picking locks, sneaking, climbing, you name it. Anything for you Patrick.

Luck favors the Greedy (Free): Burning points of Luck for you adds a d4 for each Luck spent to the rolled stat rather than 1 for 1. You can regain Luck as if it were any other stat.

Gimmick Wizard

HD: 1d4, Reroll Mind

Saving Throws: Against all Magic

Weirdo Wizards to parade through your arcane cosmopolitan labyrinth.

Gear: A Dagger (1d4)

A Wand: Allows the Wizard to create light as a Torch once each day.

Pointy Hat and Fancy Robes

Pouch of Wizard Gold (2d6 gp)

Abilities: Gimmick (Free): Roll twice on this table.

Empower Magic (Mind): Double the range and power of a use of Gimmick.


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